Propagation Conditions for the
160 Meter Band

Welcome to the Topband radio propagation section! In this area, you will find a variety of tools which will hopefully help you improve your chances of succeeding at Topband (160 meter) DX.

This is an experimental server and will be under construction for some time as we strive to establish predictable correlations of propagation conditions on this chaotic band. Feel free to check back as frequently as you would like. Algorithms used to derive these predictions are subject to change without notice. We make no claims as to the accuracy or useability of these predictions.

At the present time, we are restricting our predictions to high latitude paths that would normally cross the auroral zones from the low or middle latitudes. North America to Europe (and visa-versa) and North America to Japan (and visa-versa) are the primary circuits for these predictions.

Trans-equatorial predictions are still under investigation and will be made available here as soon as possible.

160 Meter Radio Propagation Options

These services, when used properly, should improve the performance of Topband operators by providing valuable information on parameters that can affect 160 meter radio signal propagation.