Learn How to Forecast Space Weather

You will be given all of the tools and knowledge necessary to analyze and predict space weather.
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About the Solar Terrestrial Dispatch

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Course Outline

The current course outline follows below. The order of the material listed below may not necessarily be the order in which they appear in the course curriculum.

The following topics and subtopics are scheduled to be included as part of the course curriculum.

Course Duration

There is no duration established for this course. Since most of the people who are taking this course are holding down full-time jobs and are time-limited, we are emphasizing that everyone should take their time with this course. We have set it up so there are no deadlines. Take the course at your own leisurly pace. We will continue to help you if you need it, regardless of the time it takes you to complete the course. On average, if one lesson is completed each week, the course should require roughly 6 months when up to several hours each week are devoted to the course. If you must leave on holidays for a few months or simply don't have time to continue working on the course, simply resume when you are able to.

Course Start-Date

The next course is scheduled to begin 12 December 2003. Persons interested in taking this course should complete and postal mail or FAX a copy of the enrollment form to us as soon as possible to meet this deadline.


Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites to take this course. If you are interested, sign and send the enrollment form. This course will not be a difficult one for most people to handle. It will be visually-oriented with minimal math involved and will gradually increase in detail and complexity, building on the framework previously taught and established.


Course Curriculum Reading Software

The Adobe Acrobat Reader software (free to download at: is required to read the curriculum for this course. Over 630 pages of printable curriculum are included in this course.

Method of Course Delivery

Lessons will be available for download via FTP or WWW by all individuals taking the course.


Course Assignments

There will be course assignments that can be completed and returned to us if desired. However, we are not going to enforce this and completion of the course assignments will not have a bearing on whether you pass or fail the course. If you are too busy to complete the course assignments, that's fine. Whether you decide to work on the assignments or "hand them in" will be entirely up to you. The assignments are only intended to help hone your skills and test your knowledge.


Final Exam

The final exam must be completed and passed in order to receive the certificate of achievement. After you have completed the course curriculum and are ready to take the final exam, we will give it to you. You will then have 24 hours to complete the exam and e-mail or FAX your results back to us. We will then mark the exam and return the results to you with your final grade. If you pass, a certificate will be postal mailed to you. This course is not acreditted.


We Will Help

If parts of the course are particularly difficult to grasp, send us e-mail and we will try to clarify and explain the concepts using e-mail correspondence.


If you are interested in taking this course, print out and fill out an enrollment form. If you can't print out the given form, send an e-mail message requesting the enrollment form to Cary Oler at COler@Solar.Stanford.Edu or inform us through our comments section
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