About the Developers of the Course:
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch (STD) developed the Internet Space Weather and Radio Propagation Forecasting Course to help the general public better understand the effects that space weather can have on Earth-based technologies and systems. STD has an in-depth knowledge of space weather and its affects on the Earth and technologies. We have provided and continue to provide space weather information, analyses and related services to a wide range of clients including the Goddard Space Flight Center and other departments of NASA, the Space Environment Center, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, the U.S. military and navy, as well as a large number of Universities and colleges world-wide. Recently, we began supplying space weather forecast services under contract to a group of large power companies in the United States and Canada associated with the Northeast Power Coordinating Council to help protect them against the effects of space weather storms that can significantly impact electrical power grids. We are collaborating with almost every major solar observatory world-wide to provide the only nearly continuous 24-hour/day real-time monitoring of solar activity. We manage one of the largest ground-based networks of auroral activity observers in the world and are actively working with the leading scientific minds in space weather and ionospheric electrodynamic research to develop better scientific models of the interaction and coupling between solar-based disturbances and the Earth.

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch also has expertise in computer software engineering and has developed some of the most powerful space weather and ionospheric tools for diagnosing, monitoring and analysing solar activity, space weather activity and ionospheric responses to such activity. For example, our Proplab-Pro HF Radio Propagation Laboratory software was engineered in the mid-1990's and is still considered the most elaborate and sophisticated three-dimensional ionospheric radio signal ray-tracing software package in the world. Researchers and amateurs alike have used this software to determine the non-conventional effects of ionospheric conditions on radio signal propagation (effects that no other radio propagation software can adequately handle). We continue to work towards the improvement of software for amateur and professional users world-wide.