SWIM Software Order

IMPORTANT: If you are a current owner of SWIM Version or earlier, the upgrade to Version (the latest version as of December 2009) is free. Simply e-mail: admin@spacew.com, provide your name and software serial number (in the Copyright tab of SWIM), and we will shortly thereafter e-mail you instructions you can use to upgrade your software. If you cannot get e-mail through to admin@spacew.com due to our anti-spam system, please add the number 2 to the admin email address and try again. This upgrade is a minor one that reassigns the primary and secondary spacecraft used to collect data and restores solar X-ray data to the plots section. We have also revamped the default page layout. No other major functionality changes have been made to this version.

If you are a new customer, or have a version of SWIM older than Version, follow the instructions below to order your upgrade.

If you experience difficulties getting the Plots to function after upgrading, please see the Troubleshooting section and follow the instructions there.

To order the Space Weather Information Monitor (SWIM) software, please click on one of the buttons below to sign up and submit payment. If you order on-line, you will be given immediate access to the upgrade software. If you ordered the software on CDROM, it will be shipped to you via either postal mail (if indicated) or by the Internet using instructions we will e-mail to you.

If you provide payment by check, please make certain your payment is in U.S. funds only and is drawn on a U.S. bank. Send your payment to us at the following address (be sure to include your e-mail address):

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch
P.O. Box 413
Stirling, Alberta
T0K 2E0

To UPGRADE to the latest version, please include the Serial Number of SWIM in the Paypal comments box during the payment procedure, or e-mail your serial number to us at: [admin at] [spacew dot] com. Failure to do so will delay or invalidate your order.

UPGRADE SWIM shipped via the Internet

$50 USD

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