Next Generation Space Weather Software

Image Layouts

STD SWIM uses what are known as "Image Layouts" to determine how images are ordered for display in the software. SWIM allows each user to customize the entire layout of images. Each layout configuration can then be saved to a file on your hard-disk. All users can share these layout files with others on the Internet (they are easily e-mailed), which can then be loaded into SWIM.

To save your layout files, simply right-click while in the Images tab and select the option to Save the Layouts. To load an image layout that you have received, simply right-click and select the option to Restore a Layout.

To restore an image layout provided here, first download the layout file by right-clicking on the link and selecting the "Save link as..." or "Save target as..." option. Choose a filename (make sure you include the ".lay" extension - for example, you might choose to save it as "sample.lay"), then wait for the file to download. After it has downloaded, run SWIM then right-click while in the Images tab and select the option to restore a layout. Finally, navigate to the location where you saved the layout file and double-click on it. If the layout was received error-free, the new layout should appear.

Please note that you may need to examine the Options / Resource Configuration section and fine-tune the settings there after you download new layouts. You may also need to click on Refresh All to load all of the new images associated with the layout.


All.lay - Comprehensive layout containing 155 internet resources
Distributed as part of SWIM, but updated on 01 February 2007.

Aurora-Monitor.lay - Layout mimicking most of the resources of STD Aurora Monitor

If you have a layout you would like to see placed here, e-mail a copy to: STD@Spacew.Com and we will evaluate it.