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Digital SMS Services keep you informed.

This service is currently free of charge to those who have purchased our software.


Our digital SMS Service is the most comprehensive solar and space weather monitoring service available, with over 23 types of information that can be monitored in real-time and distributed to you via SMS.

Available services range from the real-time notification of the occurrence of solar flare activity to the receipt of new observations of auroral activity (northern lights) from the global auroral activity observation network. Specific types of space environment parameters can also be monitored in real-time, such as the interplanetary magnetic field, solar wind velocities, solar wind densities, solar wind temperatures, energetic proton populations, the detection of the arrival of interplanetary shock waves, energetic electron populations, estimated polar cap potentials, and much more.

You have complete control over what you receive. You set the thresholds that determine when SMS messages are delivered to you. You can even set up your services so that SMS material is only delivered to you during specific times of the day or night. And you can remotely control the SMS server while in the field by sending e-mail messages to the server.


By requesting SMS services, Solar Terrestrial Dispatch will
not be held responsible or in any way held liable for charges that appear on your cell phone or pager-provider bill. Please investigate how your provider charges for e-mailed material that is sent to your SMS device before signing up. Some service providers charge a fee (ex. 5 or 10 cents per message) for receiving or sending material to your SMS device. Other service providers do not charge for receiving SMS messages via e-mail, but may charge you for sending e-mail through your SMS-capable device. These fees are separate and are not in any way related to the Solar Terrestrial Dispatch SMS broadcast service.

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