Solar Wind Velocity
V=524km/sec, Density= 0.8

Auroral Storm Potential
Bt= 4.8nT, Bz= +4.5nT (North)



Primary Solar X-Rays


Primary >10 MeV Solar Protons

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Traffic Lights for Auroral Activity (green=no activity, red=strong activity)

High Latitudes: Middle Latitudes: Low Latitudes:

Current SOHO EIT 195A Image

Latest LASCO C2 Image

LASCO C2 Difference Image

Last Kp Value: 2o

Last Hourly Kp's: 3o 3+ 4- 3+ 3- 3-

Predicted Kp Value: 2- at 0027 UTC.

Global H-Alpha Patrol Network Image

Latest LASCO C3 Image

LASCO C3 Difference Image

Now: B1.27@2344Z
2-Hour Peak : B1.34@2149Z

Solar Flux: 90, 90, N/A, sfu



Updated: 04:05 UTC 07 Dec (11:05 pm EST, 06 Dec)

Geomagnetic and Auroral Activity Update

Mostly active levels of geomagnetic activity are expected over the next 12 to 18 hours. There is a slight chance for periods of brief minor geomagnetic storming, particularly over the higher latitude regions. No significant auroral displays are expected. Any displays that do become visible should remain confined to the higher latitudes. The earthward-directed coronal mass ejection of 03 December did not prove to be geoeffective.

Solar Activity Update

B and C-class flares are expected to dominate the next 72 hours.


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