September 1, 2005 Aurora - Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada - ANIMATED

Submitted by: Travis Favretto at Thu Sep 1 13:12:01 2005 UTC

Canon EOS 300D, 30 seconds at f3.5, ISO1600. (c) Travis Favretto.

October 30, 2003 Aurora Part 1

Submitted by: Wade B Clark Jr at Wed Nov 5 04:46:01 2003 UTC

Photo of the aurora over Mt Baker taken on October 30, 2003, between 6:30 and 7pm local time (UTC time 02:30 to 03:00 October 31). Notice how the snow and ice on the mountain reflects the green colors well.

Copyright Wade B Clark Jr e-mail: website:

28th October, 2001

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Fri Sep 5 23:35:02 2003 UTC

Beauport (Québec) Canada - Fuji superia x-tra 800 © Jean Chiasson

21 May 2003

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Tue Jul 29 01:06:01 2003 UTC

16mm @ f 2.8 , 25 sec , fuji superia 800 , St-Michel de Bellechasse © Jean Chiasson

Moon corona

Submitted by: alain couture at Tue Dec 9 21:03:01 2008 UTC

Yahoo! Québec Avatars.=0A


Submitted by: tony travaglia at Thu Feb 17 10:36:01 2005 UTC

Another thunder and lightning display of around 3 hours, together with hail, was a real treat. This shot was taken using a Nikon 5400 set at f4.5 and ISO 50 exposure was 30 secs.This particular streak of lightning was captured 2 secs before the shutter closed.


Submitted by: michel tournay at Sun Nov 2 22:28:03 2003 UTC

Here are some more pictures of the Oct. 30th storm over Sherbrooke,Quebec

© Michel Tournay or visit


Submitted by: tony travaglia at Mon Sep 20 20:35:01 2004 UTC

The night following the " sundogs " afternoon, the moon came to fruition and produced the moondogs as well as the irridescent cloud, though not as good as a friend who lives 40 klm west of us, who observed a more irridescent cloud. Nikon 5400 30 secs at f.28 ISO 400

Morning Aurora. 10/21/06. Fairbanks.

Submitted by: Jeff Pederson at Sun Oct 22 03:46:01 2006 UTC

6 AM AKDT. 3 musk ox silhouetted in the foreground. 30 sec. f3.5, ASA 800

auroras in saranac lake ny

Submitted by: at Thu Oct 13 00:57:01 2005 UTC

Crepuscular Rays

Submitted by: Wade B Clark Jr at Thu Jul 15 04:19:01 2004 UTC

Crepuscular rays from my front porch in Skagit County, Washington State, USA, July 14, 2004.

(c) Copyright Wade B Clark Jr

e-mail: website:

Jupiter.. Opposite the GRS

Submitted by: Dave at Wed Apr 27 23:58:01 2005 UTC

This image shows the side of Jupiter opposite the great red spot. Meade 10" f10, ToUcam Pro/ eyepiece projection with a 25mm University Optics Ortho, 270 frames stacked and processed in Registax-3. Imaged 4/19/05..Copyright(c)2005 Dave Miller

Mercury, March 10, 2005

Submitted by: Lutz Schenk at Sat Sep 1 20:08:01 2007 UTC

Stacked series of processed pictures while Mercury's setting. Images were taken on March, 10. 2005 in the vicinity of Obervorschuetz (Germany, 51.17N 9.33E)

Copyright (c) Lutz Schenk, Visit:

Internal Cloud Lightning

Submitted by: Chris VenHaus at Thu Oct 10 20:06:01 2002 UTC

A lightning storm over Kenosha WI I have more images here: Copyright:

By Sun 1

Submitted by: Luis Perdigao at Mon Oct 24 16:46:01 2005 UTC

A view of my window. August 2005 Barra da Tijuca Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Clear Lake, Clear Skies

Submitted by: Warren Justice at Wed Dec 22 19:58:01 2004 UTC

Predawn aurora from Nov.10/04. Looking southwest over Clear Lake, Riding Mountain National Park, Canada.

Fuji Superia 400

More at

© Warren Justice 2004

Aurora Nov 7-8, 2004

Submitted by: Shawn Malone at Mon Dec 20 12:11:01 2004 UTC

The rays of purple were very visible to the eye, as well as the reds. Copyright Brian and Shawn Malone


Submitted by: Tony Travaglia at Wed May 31 04:36:01 2006 UTC

A wonderful colouration of the clouds, shortlived about 5 minutes, but very nice as the skies have been overcast for it seems like weeks. Canon 300D ISO 100 1/400 at f11

Trifid Nebula / M20

Submitted by: Dave Miller at Thu Jun 17 19:29:01 2010 UTC

Trifid Nebula / M20 Takahashi FSQ-106ED.. @ F5 / 530mm.. Losmandy G11...AutoGuided.. Canon 20D ISO-800... 22 x 360 sec (2hrs 12 minutes), 10 Dark frames, 20 Flat frames.. Ohio, Stillwell Site, 6/17/10... Processed Images Plus V 3.5a, CS3.. Copyright (c) 2010 Dave Miller.

Orion nebula

Submitted by: at Sat Oct 2 22:42:01 2004 UTC

Olympus OM-1, Fuji 1600, 20 minute exposure. 5' refractor


Submitted by: srt at Thu Nov 11 22:24:01 2004 UTC

Aurora Borealis from Akron, Ohio, November 9, 2004, 11:08PM EST. Taken with Gateway DC-T50 Digital Camera, 8 second exposure, ISO 100, F2.8

Copyright (c) Steve Theaker.


Submitted by: Joachim Uhlig at Fri Dec 20 11:24:01 2002 UTC

The colorful aurora during the geomagnetic storm on April 11th 2001. Exposed at 21:30 UTC on N 51°40'52", O 7°30'12" near Selm-Netteberge, Germany. Photo detail: Canon EOS300, 28mm @ f 3.5, 40 sec, Elite Chrome 400. (C) 2002 by Joachim Uhlig

Aurora 7/27-28/03

Submitted by: Arthur Howard at Sat Aug 9 23:11:01 2003 UTC

This is one of about 20 pictures I got during a subtorm on 7/27/03. All pictures on 7/27-28 were Kodak Max 400 OM-1,55mm f/1.2 lens, 15 sec.

Flame Aurora

Submitted by: at Sat Sep 21 01:40:01 2002 UTC

This image was taken on October 31, 1991. When the "Perfect Storm" was raging in the north Atlantic another type of storm was lighting up the skies in Alaska. Only 10 minutes earlier this aurora had the shape of a very tight vortex that spanned the sky from NE to SW. Perhaps it was tracing the ion trail of an atmosphere grazing meteor. There was very little movement. Even though the exposure time was 20 seconds a lot of the detail is very clear. Taken with a Nikor 20mm lens at F2.8 with Kodachrome 200 film pushed two stops. For questions or comments my email address is: P.S my earlier Hale Bopp picture over the Sisters was taken on April 11th, 1997.

Aurora Borealis over South-East Poland, the Bieszczady Mts.

Submitted by: Serwis at Mon Nov 24 09:34:03 2003 UTC

The picture presents coronal overhead displays above SE Poland, The Bieszczady Mts. Taken with Canon EOS500, f3,5, 30", FujiFilm ISO800. All images (C) + (P) to Stanislaw Strzyzewski /

Aurora over Virginia Oct. 29 2003

Submitted by: at Sat Nov 1 07:18:03 2003 UTC

This photo was taken in Powhatan County, Virginia about 35 miles west of Richmond along State Road 629 at about 7PM. I used an old Nikon FG with a tripod, cable release and a zoom at 28mm (f3.5). I had Fujicolor Superia ASA 800. Exposure approx 15 to 25 sec. This was an amazing display of northern lights. Photo by William T. Hark

Over the circle of trees

Submitted by: Michael Ellestad at Sat Jun 11 18:34:01 2005 UTC

This a nice scene because here the large group of trees that I call the circle of trees is under the rainbow.

Copyright(c) Michael Ellestad

Pretty red rainbow from 2004

Submitted by: Tom Eklund at Wed Jul 13 22:16:01 2005 UTC

Quite red scene and rainbow from one evening in the "summer" of 2004. Well, 2004 had no summer...That year the autumn started right after May and lasted all the way into the January of 2005.

Copyright (c) Tom Eklund

March 31 , 2003

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Wed Apr 2 04:52:01 2003 UTC

16mm @ f 2.8 , 20 sec , fuji superia 800 , © Dominic Cantin

Auroras, 10:00UTC, Jan 22. 2004, McGregor, MN

Submitted by: Kim Randolph at Fri Jan 23 13:04:02 2004 UTC

As the morning sky started to brighten the lights were still dancing.

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