Comet Bradfield

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Tue Apr 27 04:33:01 2004 UTC

Comet bradfield at St-Philémon ( 90km S-E of Québec city , Canada ) , 28mm @ f 2.8 , 10 minutes on a motorized mount ( EQ3 ) , fuji superia 800 , 25 april 2004. © Dominic Cantin

Aurora of November 7/8 part 3

Submitted by: Michael Ellestad at Sat Nov 13 04:39:01 2004 UTC

This one is real erie because the main auroral arc is solid green and it makes me think: Are we still on planet Earth. Auroras do in ways look like something from a science fiction movie:)

Copyright(c) Michael Ellestad

Aurora 18/jan/2005

Submitted by: katkenny at Fri Jan 28 20:06:01 2005 UTC

And it continue...

28mm/3.5f/20s 800 asa

Stephane Levesque Luceville,Quebec Canada

Wawa, Ontario 0836 UTC 23 Jul 04

Submitted by: Aaron Hywarren at Sun Jul 25 04:37:01 2004 UTC

Looking north through a gap in populars and pines 7 km south of WAWA, Ontario at 0836 UTC 23 Jul 04. 15-second image taken using a Canon PowerShot A30 set at F2.8 and ISO 200.

Copyright © Aaron Hywarren

Aurora in Germany

Submitted by: Benjamin Kuehne at Thu Oct 30 11:50:01 2003 UTC

This great aurora was visible in the eving of the 29th. of October 2003 at ca. 20:30 UT. Made with Olympus C-4040 in Cologne / Germany. More pictures: . Copyright (c) Benjamin Kühne 2003

July 26th, 2004

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Wed Jul 28 22:39:01 2004 UTC

Beauport, Quebec city - Canada - Fuji Superia X-tra 800, 28mm at f/2. 8, 25 sec. ©Jean Chiasson,

Aurora 2004-11-08

Submitted by: Thomas Collin at Sat Nov 20 03:29:01 2004 UTC

Nov 8, 2004 Minolta SRT-102 200 ISO film

Thomas Collin Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

Marius Domes

Submitted by: Carol Lakomiak at Tue Aug 10 03:09:01 2004 UTC

May 1st 2004. Large field of domes west of Kepler. Single image; Nikon CP4300; 8" SCT. © Carol Lakomiak. All rights reserved.

January 29,2007 Circumzenithal Arc - Sault Ste Marie ON 3:04PM EST

Submitted by: Len Smith at Fri Feb 2 02:59:01 2007 UTC

Nikon D50. 1/32 @ F16.9, c. Lennox Smith

San Diego aurora Nov 24 2001

Submitted by: dvier at Wed Oct 23 06:29:01 2002 UTC

Aurora viewed near San Diego, CA at 12:30 UT on Nov 24, 2001. Fuji Superia 400 film, 28mm lens at f/2.8 for 60 sec. Copyright (c) 2001 David Vier

Comet Hyakutake in Ursa Major

Submitted by: SherryB at Sat Mar 22 03:32:01 2008 UTC

I almost gave up on this one. Just prior to this photo I had spent over an hour guiding and bracketing in below-freezing weather, completely forgetting to put film in the camera. D'oh. I was cold, tired, and ticked off so I loaded the camera, fired off four more exposures, and went to bed. This is the result. Note Mizar and Alcor near the centre of the frame. Camera/lens: Nikon FE/Nikkor 50mm @f2/8. Fuji 400 print film. Piggyback guided on a B&L 4000 EQ mount. Photographed March 25/26 1996. Copyright © Sherry Buttnor, Metchosin BC Canada. Comments:


Submitted by: michel tournay at Fri Feb 27 18:56:01 2009 UTC

Finally some colors in the sky! After weeks of clouds, not being able to see the comet C/2007 N3 Lulin, we had a break yesterday... but a freezing break! What the heck, I'll go just to see...and ended up trying to take pictures at that temperature (Celcius or Fahrenheit, -40 is the same ...dam cold!) the tripods head froze and it was hard to keep the camera steady...but some greenish lights started, so I stayed longer! Can you spot Andromeda between the 2 layers of auroras? It's true that patience is a virtue...It helps with a big parka, boots, big gloves...


©Michel Tournay or visit:


Aurore and meteor

Submitted by: katkenny at Fri Feb 6 02:02:02 2004 UTC

When l open my shutter,the meteor pass in the closeup of my picture.L am a lucky man,at this night.

28mm/3,5f/15sec 400 asa stephane levesque luceville,quebec

Aurora From Ohio 10-29-03

Submitted by: Dave Miller at Tue Nov 4 04:18:02 2003 UTC

I was rather surprised with this image, i thought i had 400 speed loaded but come to find out i had Fuji Super HQ 100 in the camera from an earlier outing doing star trails. From 10-29-03...Silver Creek State Park..Norton Ohio...N41.01 W081.37 Tripod mounted Nikon-F...50mm lens @ F1.4....20-25 second exposure on Fuji Super HQ 100.

Moon eclipse

Submitted by: katkenny at Sun Nov 7 04:28:01 2004 UTC

Take with homemade barndorr 28mm/3.5f/10m 800 asa

Stephane Levesque Luceville,Quebec.


Breakup at 40 Below

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Fri Jan 30 08:30:01 2004 UTC

The last morning of 1999 brought a beautiful aurora and bitter cold. I was out all night in Denali Park, Alaska struggling to keep warm and thought of the two Russian climbers who had attempted a winter ascent of Mount McKinley. They too were struggling to keep warm in minus 50 to minus 60 temperatures and had bogged down in the tremendous snowfall unable to make their lofty goal. They spent three weeks in their tent eating valuable supplies before calling it off. I too could feel the bite this morning as the air temperature plunged to minus 44 (F.) A light wind added to the effect as I struggled with broken film and frozen cameras. In the morning I was turning into a gas station at the Talkeetna Junction and almost ended up in a snow bank. The cold had made my steering so stiff it was all I could do to wrestle my jeep safely off the road. Was it worth it - You know it!

Copyright (c)1999 Dennis C. Anderson Contact at or visit

Magic Mountain

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Sun Jan 5 08:53:01 2003 UTC

The magical "Northern Lights" dance over a moonlit Mt. McKinley as seen from Denali State Park, Alaska. At over 20,000 feet oxygen is required for breathing on top of "The Great One" but it can still take one's breath away even from a distance of many miles. This photograph, facing Northwest over the frozen Chulitna River, was taken on March 24, 2002 along the Parks Highway and was acquired using a 75mm lens and Kodak E100VS film in a medium format.

Copyright (c) 2002 Dennis C. Anderson contact at or visit

April 23 , 2002

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Fri Oct 11 20:07:01 2002 UTC

28 mm @ f 2.8 , 25 sec , fuji superia 800

© Dominic Cantin

Aurora Borealis

Submitted by: Chris Haws at Thu Nov 25 21:14:01 2004 UTC

Faribault, MN, USA, Nov 7, 2004, Aurora Borealis photo taken with an Olympus C4000 digital camera.

Aurora 8-30-04

Submitted by: Lorie Giebel at Tue Aug 31 11:49:01 2004 UTC

This was the first pic taken with very good features and was the real kickoff because it was so noticeable to the eye as we waited for action. 20mm, Iso 200, about 20-25 sec.

Long Island Aurora

Submitted by: Tim Blanco at Mon Nov 8 14:47:01 2004 UTC

The show started at about 6:30pm and was visiable while driving over the GW Bridge. The sky was pulsing with life. Very nice, bright display. This show was better than last years!

Pictures all taken with a Sony DSC-F828 digital with 20-30 sec exposures, f2.0.

Copyright 2004 Tim Blanco. Contact or for more pictures, visit:

Aurora Aug.18 2

Submitted by: shansen at Thu Aug 28 00:15:02 2003 UTC

Taken from the same location in Christmas. Same settings as the first picture. (C) Russ Hansen 2003

Aurora 8/11/2004

Submitted by: katkenny at Thu Nov 25 04:09:01 2004 UTC

And l want to tell thanks a lot for my wife patience,she think l am a little insane :)

Stephane Levesque Luceville,Quebec.


Another First

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Tue Mar 6 04:34:01 2007 UTC

This is just a test image. I waited for suitable moonlight and hauled out one of my latest cameras. This lunker is a modified Cold-War era camera built for night reconnasance images on 9x9 film. I attached a vacuum-modified 8x10 film back and after a little tweaking it looks like it will produce an acceptable image. Now I just need to have the right auroral conditions and spend some time in the gym as it comes in around 50 pounds. This shot was from near Homer, Alaska on March 1st 2007 It is looking westward at Illiamna volcano about 50 miles distant. It is a 40-second exposure on Fuji Provia 100F. Below is a detail from the image as it is way too big to be appreciated on a computer monitor. Copyright (c) Dennis C. Anderson Night Trax Photography Contact at: or visit:

Airplane Highway! 2004-06-05

Submitted by: Daniel Girard at Wed Jun 9 20:54:01 2004 UTC

Taken by my wife at Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada. Directly from backyard. 6 intercontinentals airplanes in this deep blue sky!

Details: Automatic settings with my little Fuji FinePix digital camera.

©Daniel Girard


Test moon movement

Submitted by: katkenny at Tue Oct 5 01:22:01 2004 UTC

Stephane Levesque Luceville,Quebec.


Arc over ice, 25th August 2002

Submitted by: Andrew Casely at Sun Dec 1 16:16:01 2002 UTC

A night of quiet auroral activity over Hornafjörður, Iceland, looking towards some of the outlet glaciers of Vatnajökull. The foreground is lit by the moon. 20 second exposure with Casio QV3500EX digital camera. © Andrew Casely,

Comet Hale-Bopp - March 1997

Submitted by: Peter Sproule at Wed Jul 9 16:58:01 2003 UTC

This was taken northeast of Toronto in March 1997. Canon F-1, 50 mm lens @ f/2, Fuji 400 ASA slide film . Comments can be sent to: Web page:

© 2003 Peter Sproule

November 9-10, 2004

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Thu Nov 11 22:09:01 2004 UTC

Beauport - Québec (Canada) - 35 mm Ricoh XR-1; Fujifilm 200 X-Tra I SO; 28 mm @ f/2.8, 15-20 sec. ©Jean Chiasson -

image of clouds 1388326

Submitted by: Brian larmay at Sun Nov 5 18:09:01 2006 UTC

This image was taken in Cranbury NJ

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