*Comet C/17P Holmes*

Submitted by: Dave Miller at Sun Nov 4 16:10:01 2007 UTC

Comet C17/P Holmes * It was another great night to observe and image Comet Holmes again, the seeing and transparency was great!.. Date: 11/03/07.. Time: 4:05 UTC.. Location: Norton Ohio, U.S.A.. Meade SCT 10" @ f6.3 (1575mm).. Canon 20D...Unmodified.. 6 x 30 seconds @ ISO-1600.. 12 Darks.. 10 Flats.. Processed: Images Plus..Photoshop Elements Copyright (c) 2007 Dave Miller

Friendly skies 3

Submitted by: Brian Larmay at Tue Apr 29 00:53:01 2003 UTC

Another shot of the Saginaw region.

Copyright (c) 2003 Brian Larmay. Contact: www.astrobri@ameritech.net More Info: www.astrobri.com

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20th August, 2002

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Thu Aug 28 23:22:01 2003 UTC

Île d'Orléans (Québec) Canada - Fuji superia x-tra 800 © Jean Chiasson jchiasson@globetrotter.net

When sun color sky

Submitted by: katkenny at Mon Oct 25 03:46:01 2004 UTC


Stephane Levesque Luceville,Quebec.

mail: katkenny@globetrotter.net

Sun pillar

Submitted by: katkenny at Fri Apr 15 13:07:02 2005 UTC

After 1 week of rain,the sun take his place.

Stephane Levesque Ste Luce Quebec,Canada



Submitted by: michel tournay at Wed Jun 22 14:00:01 2005 UTC

After a while, we could see more of the upper tangent arc....but it got better... don't go yet! Enjoy!

©Michel Tournay

micheltournay@yahoo.ca or visit: www.aurora-borealis.ca

Gamma Cygni

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Wed Apr 13 17:50:01 2005 UTC

135mm @ f 2.8 , 20 minutes unguided , kodak supra 400 , EQ-3 motorized mount © Dominic Cantin http://astrosurf.com/aurores http://www.pbase.com/dominiccantin


Submitted by: Remi Boucher at Thu Apr 20 17:39:01 2006 UTC

Woburn, Qc, Canada. 2005 August 22.

Details : Nikon D70, 18-70mm lens, f/4.5, 1/80sec., 200ISO.

Copyright (c) Remi Boucher. Contact : scalp022@yahoo.ca

Rainbow on May 20th 2006

Submitted by: Mario Weigand at Sun May 28 14:37:01 2006 UTC

This photo was taken on May 23, 2006.

with Canon EOS 300D and Sigma 12-24mm EX in Offenbach, Germany.



Submitted by: Guillaume Poulin at Sat Nov 5 09:11:02 2005 UTC

Ascot Corner, Québec, Canada

April 15th 2005, 09:15 GMT -05:00

Nikon D70 DSLR


Aurora 2003 june 08

Submitted by: DANIEL TARDIF at Tue Oct 28 02:02:02 2003 UTC

Image of aurora took in the Laurentides Reserve wild life, 80 km north of Quebec city. This image took with a 28 mm lens at f/2,8 with a Fuji X-Tra 800 film exposed 25 sec.

Copyright (c) Daniel Tardif. Contact: dtardif@globetrotter.net

18 august 2003

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Mon Aug 18 18:03:03 2003 UTC

16mm or 28mm @ f 2.8 , 15 - 20 seconds , fuji superia 800 , Valbélair at 15 km north-west of Québec city. © Dominic Cantin dominiccantin@yahoo.ca

Sunset Over Lake Superior

Submitted by: Lorie Giebel at Sat Aug 28 23:41:01 2004 UTC

Sunset over Lake Superior from the shores of the U.P. of Michigan, in Ontonagon on 8-20-04. Canon 10D, 70mm lens, 20.0, 0.6, Iso 100.

May 14, 2002 Venus, Mars and the Moon

Submitted by: Carol Lakomiak at Thu Oct 31 04:35:01 2002 UTC

Venus is to the right of the Moon, Mars is to its' lower right. If you look very carefully you can see Zeta Tauri at about eight o'clock from the Moon and a bit further out than Venus. Olympus OM-1n, 135mm at 3.5, 1/2 second, Kodak Max 400 ISO. © Carol Lakomiak. All rights reserved. strgzr52@hotmail.com

Darkness Falls

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Mon Sep 26 07:51:01 2005 UTC

As the long days of our short northern summer begin to give way to the returning darkness, the auroras finally become visible again. I photographed this nice bit of activity on the morning of August 11, 2005 from near Homer, Alaska. What looks like a sunset on the horizon is actually a display of rare noctiluscent clouds made reddish by smoke in the air. A 6x7 medium format camera with a 38mm lens and Kodak E100VS film were used for the photo. (c) Copyright Dennis C. Anderson Night Trax Photography Contact at: auroradude@acsalaska.net or visit: www.auroradude.com


Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Wed Oct 17 20:57:01 2007 UTC

On the early morning of October 2, 2007, the wind was howling at the beach on Anchor Point but the aurora was not. The wind was a gale straight out of the north gusting to 30 knots or more but the aurora remained mosly gentle arcs and mottled patches low on the horizon. I used a 6x9 cm. home-built medium-format camera with a 98mm lens and Kodak E100G film to record the modest display during this 12-second exposure from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. Copyright (c) Dennis C. Anderson Night Trax Photography Contact at: auroradude@acsalaska.net or visit: www.auroradude.com

Nice sun pillar

Submitted by: silbernitrat@t-online.de (Jens Hackmann) at Mon Jan 26 16:27:02 2004 UTC

Just a few seconds after the sunset a nice sun pillar appeared. Pi taken out of my driving car, too. It's not easy to drive a car and take a picture at one time ;) Same location and photo conditions like the sunset before.

Greetings from Germany, Grüsse aus Deutschland (c) Jens Hackmann

More pics like that: http://www.kopfgeist.com

Aurora Borealis

Submitted by: srt at Wed Nov 10 23:31:01 2004 UTC

Aurora Borealis from Akron, Ohio, November 10, 2004, 3:25AM EST. Taken with Gateway DC-T50 Digital Camera, 8 second exposure, ISO 100, F2.8

Copyright (c) Steve Theaker. srt@neo.rr.com

ISS Wave - 2010 Dec 29

Submitted by: Beth Katz at Wed Dec 29 23:32:01 2010 UTC

ISS Wave (http://www.isswave.org/) is a project to get people worldwide outside to wave at the International Space Station this week - Dec, 24-31, 2010. That site has a realtime map based on structured tweets containing #ISSwave. My family waved in twilight on 2010 Dec 29 at about 5:07pm from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 2 second exposure, ISO 200. Copyright (c) 2010 Beth Katz,katz@cs.millersville.edu.

Aurora 2005 January 7

Submitted by: Remi Boucher at Wed Jan 12 03:41:01 2005 UTC

Something that a rarely saw: a green spot that sparked in Orion and disappeared after 60 seconds. After a few minutes, the spot reappeared but had moved to the east. It was only the second time that a noticed this kind of aurora.

Taken near Sherbooke, Quebec, Canada

Details : Nikon D70, 18-70mm lens, f/3.5, 25sec., 800ISO.

Copyright (c) Remi Boucher. Contact : scalp022@yahoo.ca

Sun halo - take 2

Submitted by: alain couture at Sat Sep 18 17:45:01 2004 UTC

Jupiter 4-6-04

Submitted by: Dave Miller at Sun Jun 13 14:43:01 2004 UTC

This image shows Io crossing Jupiter`s N. Equitorial belt..Meade 10" f10 SCT ...Losmandy G-11. Sony Digital-8...Afocal configuration..18mm Ortho. 200 frames combined and processed with Registax. Copyright (c) 2004.... Dave Miller

November 8, 2004 Aurora - Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada, 2:11 AM

Submitted by: Travis Favretto at Wed Nov 10 23:17:01 2004 UTC

Canon PowerShot A60, 15 seconds at f2.8, ISO400. (c) Travis Favretto. favretto@shaw.ca

25 july 2004

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Sun Aug 1 08:52:01 2004 UTC

16mm , 20mm or 28mm @ f 2,8 , ~15 sec , fuji superia 800 , 25 july 2004 UT © Dominic Cantin http://astrosurf.com/aurores

My first aurora pictures [2]

Submitted by: Guillaume Poulin at Wed May 12 07:22:02 2004 UTC

Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada.

May 11 2004, 23:49 pm GMT -04:00

Nikon Coolpix 4500 digital camera, 27.9 sec, ISO 400


November 8, 2004 Aurora - Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada, 2:28 AM

Submitted by: Travis Favretto at Wed Nov 10 23:17:01 2004 UTC

Canon PowerShot A60, 15 seconds at f2.8, ISO400. (c) Travis Favretto. favretto@shaw.ca

November 9-10, 2004

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Thu Nov 11 22:02:01 2004 UTC

Beauport - Québec (Canada) - 35 mm Ricoh XR-1; Fujifilm 800 X-Tra I SO; 16 mm @ f/2.8, 15-20 sec. ©Jean Chiasson - jchiasson@globetrotter.net

Lunar Eclipse February 20, 2008

Submitted by: Greg Dean at Sat Feb 23 19:08:01 2008 UTC

The start of the lunar eclipse over Kelowna and reflection onto Okanagan Lake.

Nikon D80 through an 8 inch Sky-Watcher Dobsonian reflecting telescope. ISO Rating 100. 1200 mm. f6.

(c) 2008 Greg Dean gregdean@shaw.ca

september 10-11 Auroras

Submitted by: Guillaume Poulin at Sat Nov 5 10:04:01 2005 UTC

Mont-Mégantic, Québec, Canada

September 10-11 2005,

Nikon D70 DSLR, 10-30 sec, ISO 800 to ISO 1600


Lagoon Nebula / Messier 8

Submitted by: Dave Miller at Thu Jun 10 22:51:01 2010 UTC

Messier 8, Lagoon Nebula... Takahashi FSQ-106ED.. @ F5 / 530mm.. Losmandy G11...AutoGuided Canon 20D ISO-800... 15 x 360 sec, 10 Dark frames, 15 Flat frames.. Ohio, Stillwell Site, 6/09/10... Processed Images Plus V 3.5a, CS3.. Copyright (c) 2010 Dave Miller.

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