After the Storm #2

Submitted by: Carol Lakomiak at Sun Oct 6 18:57:02 2002 UTC

Looking East, the storm is receding towards the horizon. Copyright Carol Lakomiak. All rights reserved.

3th August, 2002

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Wed Aug 27 22:21:01 2003 UTC

Km 99, Laurentides wildelife reserve (Québec) Canada - Fuji superia x-tra 800 © Jean Chiasson

Eclipse Collection

Submitted by: LeRoy Zimmerman at Fri Feb 22 01:15:01 2008 UTC

As the eclipsed moon rose here in Alaska, it was not visible through the twilight sky. Somewhat discouraging to say the least, but in about 1/2 an hour later the darkness began to take over the sky, and the now fully eclipsed moon began to show through. Shooting from 147° west, the now eclipsed moon was still near enough to the horizon to include some landscape along with the red glowing moon hanging in the sky. It was worth the wait, and worth the short drive

to Cleary Summit, just a short 20 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska.

©2008, LeRoy Zimmerman

Aurora 2004 November 7

Submitted by: Remi Boucher at Wed Nov 17 22:27:01 2004 UTC

Taken near Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

Details : Nikon D70, 18-70mm lens, f/3.5, 5 to 30sec., 400 to 1600ISO.

Copyright (c) Remi Boucher. Contact :

Comet Neat Q4

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Thu May 13 05:54:03 2004 UTC

Comet Neat-Q4 at the observatory of St-Nérée ( 65km S-E of Québec city , Canada ) , schmidt-camera 8" @ f 1.5 ( 300mm ) , 5 minutes , fuji superia 800 , 11 may 2004 , I had to dealed with light polution of Quebec city ! © Dominic Cantin

Noctilucent Clouds

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Sat Mar 8 20:48:01 2003 UTC

A beautiful display of noctilucent clouds as seen from Homer, Alaska on the early morning of July 26, 1995.

Copyright (c) 1995 Dennis C. Anderson contact at or visit

Pastel Rays, Sept. 7th 2002

Submitted by: Carol Lakomiak at Mon Nov 4 00:01:01 2002 UTC

Olympus OM-1n, 28mm at 2.8, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 ISO, 3 seconds. © Carol Lakomiak. All rights reserved.

Fw: Comet Mcnaught

Submitted by: Richard M Haw at Wed Jan 10 22:36:01 2007 UTC

Comet Mcnaught 10th Jan 07 Derbyshire, England.

I got lucky tonight and managed to get a clear slot in the cloud, despite a 60mph wind which made things a bit blury I got one half decent image. Canon 300d 1sec @ iso 400 F4.5

Richard M Haw

Planetary Trio

Submitted by: Darrell E. Spangler at Mon Jun 27 04:21:01 2005 UTC

Photo of the Venus, Mercury and Satrun taken on June 26th, 2005 from my home in northern Colorado. Taken with Canon Digital Rebel, ISO100, 1.8sec @ f/5.6… ©2005 Darrell E. Spangler

Lunar Eclipse Nov. 8th 2003

Submitted by: Carol Lakomiak at Thu Nov 13 01:43:01 2003 UTC

We had clear skies in Tomahawk WI [45°N // 89°W] although it was unseasonably cold [9°F]. Nikon Coolpix 4300; 90mm ETX. © Carol Lakomiak All rights reserved

Aurora snakes 'round the Moon

Submitted by: Mark Stadsklev at Sun Apr 24 01:09:01 2005 UTC

Kink river lies cold and calm beneath the aurora and the moon, 40 miles north of Anchorage Alaska. Canon 1D Mark II 6 Seconds, iso 1600 F4.0 © Mark Stadsklev 2005 see many more at

Aurora 14/09/2004

Submitted by: katkenny at Mon Sep 27 01:40:01 2004 UTC

A mixte of two pictures of this smooth aurora.

Stephane Levesque Luceville,Quebec.


"Solstice" Lunar Eclipse

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Tue Dec 21 21:19:02 2010 UTC

Clouds came and went all day, but when it came down to business, we were able to scare them away and had a great clear night to view the "solstice' eclipse on the night of December 20-21, 2010. This is an image of the totally eclipsed moon taken from near Homer, Alaska shortly after the moon was fully in the Earth's shadow. I've seen several eclipses but this was a real beauty. Copyright (c) Dennis C. Anderson Night Trax Photography Contact at: or visit:

Elliptical halo 3-23-08

Submitted by: Michael Ellestad at Sun Apr 6 15:30:01 2008 UTC

This is part of a series of photos I got a rare elliptical halo display that lasted over two hours in Ohio USA. Elliptical halos are a special type of halo that forms in dissolving altocumulus AC clouds rather than the cirrus clouds. This started out as a single ellipse that lasted for 10 minutes then disappeared but then came back much brighter and would have up to three ellipses at one time. As the cloud would move the halo would shrink expand.

Copyright (C) Michael Ellestad

Sunrise at Quebec City

Submitted by: alain couture at ed Jun 9 1515:37:01 2004 UTC

Few minutes before the rising sun with the Venus transit. Unfortunately, it`s clouding up!... :-(

Copyright(c) Alain Couture

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (0556 UTC 10 Nov 04)

Submitted by: Aaron Hywarren at Wed Nov 10 07:22:08 2004 UTC

Intense activity noted low to the NE. 15 second image taken at 0556 UTC on 10 Nov 04 with a Canon PowerShot A30 set at f 2.8 and ISO 100.

Copyright © Aaron Hywarren

Birthday pillar

Submitted by: Michael Ellestad at Tue Mar 23 03:26:02 2004 UTC

This was a nice B-day present from the sky, a pink fragmented sun pillar.

Copyright(c) Michael Ellestad. Send mail to or visit my

Leonid Meteor Shower 1998

Submitted by: Garth Arsenault at Sat Sep 21 23:52:01 2002 UTC

Took this shot from my driveway during the 1998 Leonid meteor shower. To see more of my images visit the homepage of "PEI SKY SHOTS" at Email is

Deep aurora on 23 novembre 2003

Submitted by: DANIEL TARDIF at Tue Nov 25 03:03:01 2003 UTC

During a night of deep sky observation through my telescope, I saw a deep green light in North horizon. A deep candle appeared. I just had the time to take my camera and take two shots. After that the candle disappeared. I took these pictures with a 2 8 mm lens with a Fuji X-Tra 800 film, 20s exposure.

Copyright (c) Daniel Tardif. Contact:

27 july 2004

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Sun Aug 1 09:39:01 2004 UTC

16mm , 20mm or 28mm @ f 2,8 , ~15 sec , fuji superia 800 or polaroid high definition 400 , 27 july 2004 UT © Dominic Cantin

13 october 2004

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Thu Oct 14 11:39:01 2004 UTC

20mm @ f 2.5 , 20 sec , fuji superia 800 , Valbélair ( 15km N-W of Québec city ) © Dominic Cantin

Aurora Australis - 7 September 2002

Submitted by: Stephen Voss at Tue Sep 10 04:25:01 2002 UTC

Taken from Invercargill, New Zealand (latitude -46) around 17.30UT 7 September 2002 (5.30am local time). Lens is 20mm f/1.8 film is Kodak Supra 400, exposure 25 seconds Dawn stifled what promises to be an excellent display!

Stephen Voss

Sun corona with iridescence

Submitted by: Beth Katz at Sun Dec 18 15:49:01 2005 UTC

The colors in these clouds were beautiful but finding a way to block the sun was difficult. I need more yard ornaments. :-) Be *very* careful doing this. I have other pictures that have more sun because I was estimating where the sun, the blocking mailbox, and the corona was without looking through the viewfinder. The monitor was hard to see in such bright light. Photo with Nikon Coolpix 4500 on automatic. 17 December 2005 about noon in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Copyright 2005 Beth Katz,

27 july 2004

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Mon Aug 2 06:16:01 2004 UTC

16mm , 20mm or 28mm @ f 2,8 , ~15 sec , fuji superia 800 or polaroid high definition 400 , 27 july 2004 UT © Dominic Cantin

September 17, 2004 Aurora - Richards Landing, ON, Canada, 3:18 AM

Submitted by: Travis Favretto at Wed Nov 10 22:12:01 2004 UTC

Canon PowerShot A60, 15 seconds at f2.8, ISO400. (c) Travis Favretto.

Sunset over Sherbrooke

Submitted by: Remi Boucher at Sun Nov 16 04:04:02 2003 UTC

Probably the most beatiful sunset I have ever withness. An october rainy day was ending when the clouds where clearing over Sherbrooke. As the sun was hidden by a distant anvil-shaped cloud, it enlighten curtains of rain. The "fisheye look" as been created by compressing the width of the original panorama photo. Copyright (c) Remi Boucher. Contact :

4 August 2005

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Mon Aug 15 04:21:01 2005 UTC

Solar Minimum ??!!?? The Sun is supposed to be in a period of minimum activity these days !? That's the first time that I could see 4 northern lights in 7 days!!! These aurora occured in the week of July 31, 2005 to August 7, 2005 during my vacations to the Lake St-Jean at ~250km to the north of Quebec city. To see more images from that week , visit my page here © Dominic Cantin

Northern Lights over Norse Lake - June 29, 2000

Submitted by: Stan Richard at Mon Dec 9 23:05:01 2002 UTC

28mm lens @ f/3.5 exposed for 30secs on Fuji Supera 800. Comments are welcome: Copyright(c)2000 Stan Richard - Events in the Night Sky To order a print of this image, see below:

High resolution 5X7: $15.00 USD
High resolution 8X10: $25.00

Prints are satin-finish on Epson ColorLife photo paper. If you wish to order a larger print, please email me. Shipping charges are included in the price. Prints will be shipped USPS within 2 days of receiving payment.

This image is digitally watermarked and protected by the copyright laws of the United States and new International Copyright Treaty, and may not be reproduced, published, copied or transmitted in any form, including electronically on the Internet or World Wide Web, without written permission of the author.

A fantastic sunset

Submitted by: katkenny at Sat Aug 28 02:35:01 2004 UTC

When sun set down,a fantastic color surprise me.

Stephane Levesque Luceville,Quebec.

Aurora of Nov 10th series 2

Submitted by: Michael Ellestad at Sun Dec 5 18:23:01 2004 UTC

This is about as good as it got and it managed to show some nice slanted curtains. This display was mostly red but it was a more red-violet color

Copyright(c) Michael Ellestad

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