Submitted by: Tony Travaglia at Fri Aug 11 19:56:01 2006 UTC

A closeup of the sundog which lasted about 3 minutes,wonderful colouring. Canon 300D 300mm lens

April 3 , 2003

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Thu Apr 24 05:32:01 2003 UTC

28mm @ f 2.8 , 20 sec , fuji superia 800 , © Dominic Cantin

Aurora Borealis photo

Submitted by: Roy Hooper at Sat Nov 13 22:15:01 2004 UTC

This photo of Aurora Borealis was taken on the Night of Nov 7th, in Old Chelsea, Quebec. This aurora was extremely intense and had lots of red and green. Taken with a Canon 10D with 17-40/4.0L lens. (C) 2004 by Roy Hooper

Solar halo

Submitted by: katkenny at Sun May 30 12:11:01 2004 UTC

I hold at the end of my arm a filter mylar to see the sun and for decreased his luminosity.

16mm/22f/ 1/500s 400 asa stephane levesque luceville,quebec

Tinny aurora 16/04/04

Submitted by: katkenny at Sun Apr 18 04:40:01 2004 UTC

A modest aurora but l love aurora :) 50mm/1.7/20s 800 asa

stephane levesque

Reflection of the rainbow on the lake - Take 1

Submitted by: alain couture at Fri Aug 13 17:06:01 2010 UTC

e picture.=0A=0A


Submitted by: tony travaglia at Fri Feb 27 21:17:01 2004 UTC

The season of beautiful sunsets has arrived and this one is no exception.

Aurora Over Long Island 3

Submitted by: Tim Blanco at Mon Nov 8 16:35:01 2004 UTC

Pictures all taken with a Sony DSC-F828 digital with 20-30 sec exposures, f2.0.

Copyright 2004 Tim Blanco. Contact or for more pictures, visit:

November 7-8, 2004

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Tue Nov 9 23:52:01 2004 UTC

Beauport - Québec (Canada) - 35 mm Ricoh XR-1; Fujifilm 800 X-Tra I SO; 28 mm @ f/2.8, 15-20 sec. ©Jean Chiasson -

October 3 , 2002

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Sun Nov 24 02:04:01 2002 UTC

28mm @ f 2.8 , 25 sec , fuji superia 800 © Dominic Cantin

October 21, 2004 Aurora - Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada, 2:29 AM

Submitted by: Travis Favretto at Wed Nov 10 22:42:01 2004 UTC

Canon PowerShot A60, 15 seconds at f2.8, ISO400. (c) Travis Favretto.

Sailors' Moon.

Submitted by: Graham Palmer at Sat Feb 23 01:45:01 2008 UTC

A full moon rises above the sleepy inner harbour, Napier. Photo details: Canon 350D, ISO 800, 4.5 second exposure with a Sigma 18-200mm lens @ f-10. Image copyright to Graham Palmer. For more images, visit my website:


Submitted by: Tony Travaglia at Tue Jan 23 10:02:01 2007 UTC

After a long wait the heavens finally cleared to reveal the comet, astounding and magnificent, with its tail spreading over the horizon....Beautiful sight. Canon 300D 300mm lens at full tilt..ISO 800 20 sec exposure


Submitted by: Carol Lakomiak at Sat Apr 10 22:02:02 2004 UTC

November 5th 2001. Olympus OM-1n, 28mm at 2.8, Kodak Max 800 ISO, 20 seconds. © Carol Lakomiak. All rights reserved.

Aurora 8 September 2002, 0122 UTC

Submitted by: 76630,2206 at Wed Sep 11 19:20:01 2002 UTC

This was photographed from a corn field in LaOtto, IN.

Equipment: Canon F-1n body, 24/1.4L Canon lens at f/2, 20 +/- 5 seconds on ISO 800 (Fuji NPZ) film.

Copyright 2002, Robert B Slobins/Phototake (926-17)

Aurora 11/07/04

Submitted by: ARTHUR HOWARD at Thu Nov 18 00:21:01 2004 UTC

All of the pictures on 11/7/04 were taken with either a OM-1 or OM-1n and lenses were either Zuiko 28mm f/2.8 or a 55mm f/1.2.Fifteen to twenty seconds exposure on the old formula Kodak Royal Gold 400. Copyright Black Mtn Photography 2004


Submitted by: katkenny at Fri Jan 23 13:38:02 2004 UTC

I took these photos 22 at morning morning with 16mm,28mm,50mm ,kodak HD 400asa 15-20 s. stephane levesque

27 March 2003

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Wed Aug 6 23:34:02 2003 UTC

28mm @ f 2.8 , 25 sec , fuji superia 800 , km 103 Momentmorency Forest © Jean Chiasson


Submitted by: Arthur Howard at Sun Aug 10 05:35:01 2003 UTC

I got this picture when I lived in northern White Mtns. in NH about 9 years ago.. Does anyone know what phenomenon may have caused the sharp cutoff on the color of the sky.You can see the sharp cutoff horizontally across the sky. Again this was as a cold front was moving in.I thought it might be some kind of optical effect due to a severe temperature inversion.


Submitted by: michel tournay S t Jul 24 1414:46:01 2004 UTC at N/A

Here's one of the sunspot #652 on july 20th 2004. SC 9.25 with a digital video camera, 5 image stack Enjoy!

©Michel Tournay or visit:

Four simultaneous CG's over Lake Vanajavesi

Submitted by: Tom Eklund at Thu Aug 7 09:31:01 2003 UTC

On the 4th of August 2003 a long lasting intensive lightning storm got it's engines going just south from here and gave some good photo opportunities. Yet again many things went wrong, but this time i at least got few decent shots.

Copyright (c) Tom Eklund

Left sundog

Submitted by: Uhlig, Joachim at Fri Jan 9 14:42:01 2004 UTC

This photo was taken on Saturday, October 19, 2003, at 13:36 UTC

with OLYMPUS C-4040 Zoom near Siegen, Germany.

Exposed for 1/800 s, using focal length 103mm at f-10,0, ISO100.

(C) 2004 by Joachim Uhlig


Submitted by: tony travaglia at Wed Jul 20 04:09:01 2005 UTC

A flight over the East coast of the South Island produced this vivid glory, this one being quite small but nevertheless spectacular. Nikon 5400 auto exposure

August 6th, 2005

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Sun Aug 7 23:48:01 2005 UTC

Crescent moon - Québec (Canada); Pentax *istDS ©Jean Chiasson -

Aug. 21st 2003

Submitted by: Carol Lakomiak at Sat Apr 10 22:02:02 2004 UTC

Olympus OM-1n, 50mm at 1.8, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 ISO, 10 seconds. © Carol Lakomiak. All rights reserved.

Half Hour Magic

Submitted by: Lori at Sun Jun 22 20:18:01 2003 UTC

This beautiful aurora was long overdue for me here in the Greater Toronto area. The short event on June 17th started at 4:30 UTC, peaked at 4:45 UTC and quietly faded soon after. 28mm lens @ f2.8,15-20 second exposure on Fuji 800 Superia X-tra.

Copyright (c) Lori Checkowy 2003.

Volcanoe Eclipse

Submitted by: Ian Cooper at Sun Sep 28 10:12:01 2003 UTC

Mt Taranaki/Egmont is an Andesite volcanoe that stands at 8,260 feet out on the western part of the North Island of New Zealand. From 100 miles south east of the mountain the volcanoe is just the right size to 'eclipse' the sun as it sets.

This photo was taken with a 1000mm lens at f/10 using a double exposure of 1/4000th second at sun set then a 1/125th second five minutes later to catch the twilight.

11/07/04 Aurora (#6)

Submitted by: Dave at Tue Jan 25 17:59:01 2005 UTC

From Silver Creek Park, Norton Ohio. 15 sec exposure on Konica Centuria Super 400. Copyright(c)2004 Dave Miller

C/17P Holmes encounters Alpha Persei

Submitted by: Dave Miller at Mon Nov 19 22:32:01 2007 UTC

Comet Holmes encounters Mirfak " Alpha Persei " Image Date: 11/19/07...Between 3-4 UT Orion ED80mm / f6.3 reducer ( 384mm f4.8 ).. Hutech IDAS LPS filter... 39 x 90 sec @ ISO-800... 28 Darks... 32 Flats... Cropped image... Processed: Images Plus, Photoshop Elements... Copyright (c) 2007 Dave Miller

Curtains of light - October 8/02

Submitted by: Peter Sproule at Tue Jan 7 22:39:01 2003 UTC

I finally had time to view the slides taken during the early morning of October 8th. This was taken around 0530 UTC. The clouds, alas, have not cooperated since this date. There were times on this morning when I just watched the show. This shows the curtains of flickering lights observed on that early morning. Canon F-1, 50 mm lens @ f/2, 15-20 second exposure on Kodak EliteChrome 400 slide film. Comments can be sent to:

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