Aurora 11/7/04

Submitted by: ARTHUR HOWARD at Wed Nov 17 20:15:01 2004 UTC

All of the pictures on 11/7/04 were taken with either a OM-1 or OM-1n and lenses were either Zuiko 28mm f/2.8 or a 55mm f/1.2.Fifteen to twenty seconds exposure on the old formula Kodak Royal Gold 400. Copyright Black Mtn Photography 2004

By far, my favorite aurora display

Submitted by: Lyndon Anderson at Mon Dec 30 00:49:01 2002 UTC

The aurora breakup that occurred sometime around 9:55 p.m. on Thursday, December 26, 2002, was by far the most stunning display of the northern lights that I have seen in my three years of viewing. The photographs taken during that time - don't reflect the beauty of this display. Anyway, during most of this time, I could see purple at the lower edges of the display, which was picked up by the film. Looking north-northeast. Lyndon Anderson, Bismarck, North Dakota, USA. Copyright.

River Omega

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Sat Oct 12 00:37:02 2002 UTC

Nature mimics nature as the aurora seems to wrap itself around a stand of tall cottonwoods in a classic "omega" formation. Tall rays glow purple as the 3:00 a.m. twilight catches the uppermost aurora.This nocturnal scene was photographed from along the Anchor River on Alaska's Southern Kenai Peninsula on April 26, 2000 with a 30mm fisheye lens on a 6x6 cm. medium format camera and Fuji NHG800 film .

Copyright (c) 2000 Dennis C. Anderson Contact at or visit

Lunar Halo

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Sun May 8 10:08:01 2005 UTC

On this crisp January night in early 2005 there was a distinct halo around the moon which was caused by high altitude ice crystals. I used a 30mm fisheye lens on a 6x6 cm medium format camera to catch the spectacle.

copyright (c) Dennis C. Anderson Night Trax Photography contact at or visit

Green Flash on December 26th 2006 III

Submitted by: Mario Weigand at Wed Jan 3 22:24:01 2007 UTC

Optic: Takahashi Pentax 125/800mm SDP

Camera: Canon EOS 300D

Location: Germany / Feldberg (Taunus)

Solar minimum au of August 2006

Submitted by: Tom Eklund at Fri Dec 22 09:03:01 2006 UTC

Still one more shot from August 19/20 display. When glorious start was over, the display got more modest appearance, but still offered some pretty serene sights later in the night.

Copyright (c) Tom Eklund

aurora this morning

Submitted by: katkenny at Fri Jan 23 05:00:04 2004 UTC

I took these photos this morning with 16mm,28mm,50mm ,kodak HD 400asa 15-20 s. stephane levesque


Submitted by: at Fri Mar 28 01:25:01 2003 UTC

This aurora was taken from the top of Haeckel Hill just outside of Whitehorse, Yukon. (Heakckel Hill named after Professor Ernst Heinrisch HAECKEL, a distinguished German naturalist of Jena) Photo taken just before local midnigh on a windy night of October. 24mm, 2.8 using Provia 400F.

Copyright (C) 2003, Jean-Michel Sauve. Contact:

The Way Home

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Fri Feb 11 11:01:01 2005 UTC

After six hours of driving through blizzard conditions, complete with flying hamsters, snow snakes, and Star Wars effects, it was a delight to see the lights of Homer (overexposed) reflected off the low clouds ahead. It was even more of a delight to see a few stars and of course - the aurora borealis. I was only five miles from home after five days away but it would wait another couple hours as I watched the sky flickering wildly for one and then labored for another to free my loaded van from the deep snow that had accumulated in my absence. - November 8, 2004 Copyright (c) Dennis C. Anderson Night Trax Photography Contact at or visit


Submitted by: tony travaglia at Wed Jun 2 07:26:01 2004 UTC

Two rainbows at sunset with a third just fading in the extreme right of the frame, the sky filled with lenticular type clouds. Nikon 5400 on auto exposure ISO 50


Submitted by: Tony Travaglia at Fri Sep 26 18:24:01 2008 UTC

I was lucky enough to be in Western Australia for the partial lunar eclipse, in August, no tripod so the camera was rested on the car. Canon 40D and the Canon 400mm lens.

Comet over Kakanui

Submitted by: Tony Travaglia at Sat Feb 3 19:44:01 2007 UTC

A nice shot of this magnificent spectacle over a little seaside village, Canon 300D 2 mins @f5.6 ISO 400

Nov.26 Aurora

Submitted by: shansen at Sat Dec 7 20:05:01 2002 UTC

Grand Rapids Mi. 12:30 am EST Nov.27 Picture taken 30 miles north of Grand Rapids Mi. were I finally found clear skies. Exposed 12 sec. on Fuji X-TRA 400. Canon 50mm 1.8 f lens (C) Russ Hansen 2002

May 10th aurora

Submitted by: Peter Sproule at Sat May 31 00:41:02 2003 UTC

This was taken around 0730 UTC near Cannington ON, after a 30 minute "intermission" of clouds obscuring the activity that morning. Canon F-1, 50 mm lens @ f/2, 20 second exposure on Fuji Superia 400 print film. Hopefully the skies will clear again!

Comments can be sent to:

© 2003 Peter Sproule (

March 8, 2005 Aurora - Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada, 1:27 AM

Submitted by: Travis Favretto at Wed Mar 9 03:53:01 2005 UTC

Canon EOS 300D, 30 seconds at f4.5, ISO1600. (c) Travis Favretto.

Mercury transit - 2003 May 7th

Submitted by: Joachim Uhlig at Mon Jun 23 12:02:02 2003 UTC

This photo was taken on wednesday, May 7, 2003, at 07:29 UTC with a TAL2M

(equipped with Baader ND5 solar filter foil) and OLYMPUS C-4040 Zoom in my observatory, the Truncated Cone Observatory (TCO), in Bergkamen-Oberaden, Germany. (C) 2003 by Joachim Uhlig


Submitted by: Chris Pretty at Wed Nov 10 03:16:01 2004 UTC

Taken November 9, 2004 @ 4:50pm from Pippy Park, St.John's Newfoundland Canada. Canon A40 Digital. Copyright: Pretty Pictures. Contact

Giant On The Water.

Submitted by: Graham Palmer at Fri Mar 7 03:25:01 2008 UTC

Orion, the hunter, reflects nicely in the surface of Lake Tutira. This area was a traditional hunting site for local Maori, who depended on food provided by the vast bird-life that once resounded in the dawn chorus. Clearing of the forests for farmland almost silenced the birds, but now the trees are making a comeback, and so are the birds. Bring on the chorus! Photo details: Canon 350D, ISO 400, 12 1/2 minute exposure with a Canon EF 15mm Fisheye lens @ f-2.8. Image copyright to Graham Palmer. For more images, visit my website:

Prominences on August 19th 2004

Submitted by: Mario Weigand at Fri Aug 27 16:39:01 2004 UTC

Oups I got the wrong picture...

This image was taken short before sunset.

Optic: Coronado PST Location: Germany / Offenbach am Main

If you have questions, contact me at:

Aurora Over Long Island 4

Submitted by: Tim Blanco at Mon Nov 8 16:47:01 2004 UTC

Pictures all taken with a Sony DSC-F828 digital with 20-30 sec exposures, f2.0.

Copyright 2004 Tim Blanco. Contact or for more pictures, visit:

December 24th 2004 Sunset

Submitted by: Guillaume Poulin at Wed Feb 23 15:47:01 2005 UTC

Mon tout premier cadeau en cette veille de Noël alors que le Soleil se couche derrière le Mont Orford.

My first gift of this Christmas Eve as the Sun sets behind Mont Orford.

Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

December 24th 2004, 16:17 GMT -05:00

Nikon D70 DSLR, 1/160 sec, IS0 400

70-300mm F/4-5.6 D lens at 70mm and F/6.3

Pour me joindre / Contact me:

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Submitted by: Ragnar Johnskaas at Sat Nov 1 14:29:01 2003 UTC

When the northern light show on the 14th had subsided and was driving home in my car, I was once again thrilled by Orion`s beauty, reflecting in a pond beside the road. I stopped the car immediately to shoot this photo. Next time I will wish for the aurora to sneak into the scene on a night when the moon is 3/4 full.

© Ragnar Johnskås

More photos:


08-16-02 MegaSpot

Submitted by: Carol Lakomiak at Sun Oct 13 01:20:01 2002 UTC

Afocal method, 32mm eyepiece, 8" SCT, OM-1n, 50mm at 1.5, Kodak 400, 1/1000 sec © Carol Lakomiak. All rights reserved.

Native Dance. 3/11/06 AM. Fairbanks, AK.

Submitted by: Jeff Pederson at Mon Mar 13 06:10:01 2006 UTC

Clear, chilly, beautiful, moonlit night. Nice active aurora. The aurora's shape in this image reminded me of the Yupiq, Iniupiaq, and Aleut dancers at the Fairbanks Native Arts Festival a week earlier.

ASA 400, 8 sec. f3.5.

Please respect my copyright.

On the Other Side of the Redbows

Submitted by: Remi Boucher at Tue May 4 04:49:01 2004 UTC

Taken on 2004 may 3rd, this is what I saw looking at the sun that created the redbows. A lot of humidity in the air was causing this beautiful red glow surrounded by a violet sky with the sun in the center.

Details : Nikon Coolpix 4500, f/3.3, 1/65.8sec., at 400ISO

Copyright (c) Remi Boucher. Contact :

Morning Halo

Submitted by: SherryB at Thu Sep 26 17:49:01 2002 UTC

For a few days in May 2002, we were treated to some lovely solar haloes. Haloes are comparatively rare here. The local media were flooded with calls from people wondering what the ring around the sun was. Suggestions ranged from chemtrails to aliens. Really. Sheesh... Photo: Sherry Buttnor, Metchosin BC Canada. Camera: HP 215 digital. Comments:

Aurora and moon at 34,000 feet

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Thu Mar 2 21:27:01 2006 UTC

Here's yet another shot from the window of the airplane taken somewhere north of Hudson's Bay Canada in the early hours of February 15, 2006. copyright (c) Dennis C. Anderson contact at or visit

Aurora - South Bend, WA 10/31/03

Submitted by: Jody Spurrell at Mon Nov 3 20:26:01 2003 UTC

Canon Powershot s50 - 10 to 13 sec. Exposure - F2.8 - ISO400 Copyright © 2003 Jody Spurrell.

Aurora over Lake Menesjarvi (2)

Submitted by: Pieter van Pelt at Wed Nov 5 13:42:01 2003 UTC

Taken from our campsite at lake Menesjarvi, near Lemmenjoki National Park, Finland on 2 Sept.2003 (10.30 pm), these spectacular Auroras reflect in the lake. Taken with Sony Cybershot at 8 sec. exposure Comment to:


Submitted by: michel tournay at Thu Mar 1 06:45:01 2007 UTC

Another one from last September. The gwappa* was asking me why Mars was green instead of red!!!!!

*Gwappa: gorgeous in Tagalog


©Michel Tournay or visit:

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