Shuttle and Space Station pass the Moon

Submitted by: Beth Katz at Thu Jun 21 03:26:01 2007 UTC

Shuttle Atlantis (STS-117) trailed by the International Space Station pass the overexposed Moon. An airplane joined the picture and my husband said it would be cheating to erase it. Regulus is at lower right. 20 June 2007 about 22:56 pm EDT in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Nikon Coolpix 4500, 8 sec, f 3.3, ISO 400. Copyright 2007 Beth Katz,

February 5th, 2005

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Sat Feb 5 23:58:02 2005 UTC

Oasis Life - Côte de Beaupré - Quebec city -Québec (Canada) - K onika Minolta Dimage Z2 ©Jean Chiasson -

Dear Aurora

Submitted by: Luis Perdigao at Thu Mar 12 18:37:01 2009 UTC

Fairbanks, september 2005. I hope see you again this month, mars 2009, in Quebec.

Submitted by: Daniel Girard at Tue Nov 2 14:31:01 2004 UTC

Taken at Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada

Reflex Fujica ST-801 with 200mm telephoto lens. f/11 - 1/250s. for the first contact to f/4 - 1 sec for the total on Kodak 400 HD

©Daniel Girard


Aurora 2003 june 18

Submitted by: DANIEL TARDIF at Wed Oct 29 01:53:01 2003 UTC

Aurora took in Stoneham campground on 2003 june 18 with a 28 mm lens at f/2.8, exposed 25 sec. with a Fujipress 800 film.

Copyright (c) Daniel Tardif. Contact:

Moon Halo

Submitted by: Chris Haws at Thu Nov 25 21:26:01 2004 UTC

Moon Halo, Faribault, MN, USA, Nov 24, 2004 taken with an Olympus C4000 digital camera, ISO 400, F2.8, 5 sec exposures. Email Web

Aurora 16/july/2005

Submitted by: katkenny at Fri Jul 22 22:56:01 2005 UTC

Take with Pentax Me,16mm/2.8f/25s with 800 asa. Stephane Levesque Ste Luce Quebec,Canada

July 1st Thunderstorm (2)

Submitted by: Guillaume Poulin at Fri Jul 23 23:01:01 2004 UTC

Mont-Mégantic, Quebec, Canada

July 1st 2004, 23:27 GMT -04:00

Nikon Coolpix 4500 digital camera, 4 sec, f 3.3, ISO 100

Aurora - October 8/02

Submitted by: Peter Sproule at Mon Dec 30 02:30:01 2002 UTC

I finally had time to view the slides taken during the early morning of October 8th. This was taken around 0500 UTC. Canon F-1, 50 mm lens @ f/2, 15-20 second exposure on Kodak EliteChrome 400 slide film. The clouds, alas, have not cooperated since this date. Comments can be sent to:

© 2002 Peter Sproule

Waxing Crescent Moon 9-16-04

Submitted by: Lorie Giebel at Fri Sep 17 11:11:02 2004 UTC

Taken 7:38 pm CDT using 100-400mm lens with 2x extender for about 800mm. 200 Iso, 11.0, 5 sec.

October 28th, 2001 Aurora

Submitted by: John Carlson at Sat Oct 5 19:08:02 2002 UTC

Near Hutchinson, Minnesota USA Kodak Supra 800 Konica T3 with a Vivitar 24mm f/2 lens More images at: Email: Copyright (c)2002 John Carlson

Red aurora #2, November 20th 2003

Submitted by: Andrew Casely at Fri Nov 21 10:07:01 2003 UTC

More colourful aurorae from Holyrood Park, Edinburgh. 20 second exposure with Casio QV3500-EX digital camera. © Andy Casely,


Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Sun Oct 28 19:39:01 2007 UTC

Tonight's intense breakup was complete with the most colorful nitrogen fringe I can remember. Purple, maroon, pink red and orange were vivid to the naked eye as the aurora achieved its greatest brilliance. This edging of color, visible on the lower border of the green bands, is caused by very energetic particles penetrating the atmosphere down to 35 or 40 miles in altitude where molecular nitrogen is coaxed into producing the beautiful hues as opposed to the oxygen greens which occur at 50 to 100 miles in altitude. I captured the moment on a 6x9 medium format camera equipped with a 50mm lens. Copyright (c) 2003 Dennis C. Anderson Contact at or visit

Aurora over Long Island, NY 9

Submitted by: Tim Blanco at Fri Oct 31 14:50:01 2003 UTC

Taken from my backyard in East Northport, Long Island, NY on Oct. 30 at 6:59pm. I Used My Sony DSC-F717 and Sony Wide angle conversion lens. 15 sec exposure at f2.0.


Submitted by: shansen at Sun Apr 11 01:52:01 2004 UTC

Picture taken April 7 with a Canon EOS 300D. Trying to learn how to use a digital camera although there is some similarities to film some of the differences will take awhile to learn. A site with some helpful information is Canon EOS 300D 50mm lens 2.0F ASA 400 13 sec exp. (C) Russ Hansen 2004 Russ Hansen

3th November, 2002

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Fri Aug 15 20:51:01 2003 UTC

St-Nérée (Québec) CANADA - FUJI SUPERIA 800 © Jean Chiasson

Summer Lights 2

Submitted by: SherryB at Tue Aug 10 16:53:01 2004 UTC

July26/27.2004 © 2004 Sherry Buttnor, Metchosin BC. N48.35W123.55

ISS & Space Shuttle Endeavour, August 14th 2007

Submitted by: Mario Weigand at Thu Aug 16 00:21:01 2007 UTC

Optic: Celestron C11 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope Camera: DMK 21 BF04 FireWire cam Location: Germany / Offenbach am Main

Sun pilar

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Thu Mar 11 05:45:01 2004 UTC

my first sun pilar , 80-200mm lens@ f 4.5 , 1/125 sec , fuji superia 400 , 8 march 2004 © Dominic Cantin

Venus, Jupiter, Moon March 25, 2012

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Mon Mar 26 22:54:01 2012 UTC

The planets Venus and Jupiter, are joined by our crescent moon and a few stars in the westerly sky as viewed from near Homer, Alaska. Illiamna volcano is seen at the right against the last of the evening's twilight. Copyright (c) Dennis C. Anderson Night Trax Photography Contact at: or visit:

M8 / Lagoon Nebula

Submitted by: Dave Miller at Fri Jul 4 03:49:01 2008 UTC

First light test image with the new Takahashi "Q".. Takahashi FSQ-106ED.. F5 / 530mm.. Losmandy G11...Unguided... Canon 20D ISO-800... 35 x 135sec, 20 Dark frames, 22 Flat frames.. Stillwell Ohio Site, 7/02/08... Processed Images Plus V 3.5a, CS3.. Copyright (c) 2008 Dave Miller.

August 29, 2003 15:41 UTC

Submitted by: Andrew K. at Sun Aug 31 07:02:01 2003 UTC

Another great show that went on for hours. Dawson Creek, British Columbia. Olympus Camedia C-740 Exposure 8 s, f2.8 Original image resolution: 2048 X 1536 Contact:

Moonrise 8/22/03 07:15UTC + -

Submitted by: Arthur Howard at Sun Aug 24 03:54:01 2003 UTC

Picture taken 8/21/03,5:00 UTC OM-1 w/28mm @ f/2.8 ,30 sec. Fuji Superia 400 The moon was orange on riseing and you can see the faint green of the aurora.

Sept 18th 2003 Aurora

Submitted by: Peter Sproule at Fri Sep 26 03:13:01 2003 UTC

This was taken around 05:30 UTC near Cannington ON, and although the last quarter moon lit the sky, the aurora was easily visible to the naked eye. I'm surprised at the detail and colour that was captured. Canon F-1, 50 mm lens @ f/2, 15-20 second exposure on Fuji Superia 400 print film.

Comments can be sent to: © 2003 Peter Sproule @

19th May, 2001

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Thu Sep 4 23:05:02 2003 UTC

Baie St-Paul (Québec) Canada - Fuji superia x-tra 800 © Jean Chiasson

24 october 2003

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Sat Nov 1 08:56:02 2003 UTC

The supposed BIG aurora anounced by all the medias all around the world have never come true , not because medias are liars ;) but because the BZ have decided to stay northward :( but the strong solar winds gave me anyway the chance to see and photograph a visualy faint glow. 16mm @ f 2.8 , 20 seconds , fuji superia 800 , Vallé de la Jacques-Cartier 30 km north of Québec city. © Dominic Cantin

November 7-8, 2004

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Tue Nov 9 23:59:01 2004 UTC

Beauport - Québec (Canada) - 35 mm Ricoh XR-1; Fujifilm 800 X-Tra I SO; 28 mm @ f/2.8, 15-20 sec. ©Jean Chiasson -

17-18th August, 2003

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Thu Aug 21 03:18:02 2003 UTC

Val-Bélair (15 kilometers to the northwest of the city of Quebec - Canada)- Fujifilm superia X-TRA 800 © Jean Chiasson

Leonids 2002 - great ball of fire

Submitted by: Ulrich Rieth at Mon Nov 25 11:27:01 2002 UTC

Image of the 2002 leonid meteorstorm taken during the European maximum. Exposed through a 50mm, f/1.8 lens on Kodak Elite Chrome 400 (push1). © 2002 by Ulrich Rieth,

SUN - May 17, 2005

Submitted by: alain couture at Tue May 17 18:47:01 2005 UTC

Sunspots 763 and 759.

Details: Canon 300D through a 6mm eyepiece on a SW 80mm ED refractor(f/7.5), Orion solar filter, 1/250 sec., 800 ISO.

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