30th October, 2003

Submitted by: Jean Chiasson at Sat Nov 1 17:44:04 2003 UTC

Île d'Orléans - Québec (Canada) ©Jean Chiasson, jchiasson@globetrotter.net

27 july 2004

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Mon Aug 2 06:11:01 2004 UTC

16mm , 20mm or 28mm @ f 2,8 , ~15 sec , fuji superia 800 or polaroid high definition 400 , 27 july 2004 UT © Dominic Cantin http://astrosurf.com/aurores

Aurora 2004 July 24

Submitted by: Remi Boucher at Sun Oct 10 00:25:01 2004 UTC

Taken at Mont-Megantic on 2004 july 24th

Details : Nikon Coolpix 4500, 15 to 30sec. at 800ISO

Copyright (c) Remi Boucher. Contact : scalp022@yahoo.ca

7th nov aurora from France

Submitted by: vjac@free.fr at Tue Nov 9 21:14:01 2004 UTC

Nice red show over south of France mountains sunday night 50mm lens 1 min on 400iso f/D=3,4 Vincent Jacques, Menton, France more pics http://vjac.free.fr

3D Aurora

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Mon Oct 28 09:16:01 2002 UTC

Well, here it is. The first three-dimentional aurora posted to this site. To view you might try about a foot from your computer screen. Get centered and then cross your eyes. Bring the two images togeather using the stars of the dipper at right as your guide. You might have to adjust your distance and tip your head until you find a comfortable position. It becomes easier as your eyes relax in this contorted act. When you find the position you'll know it. Enjoy. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I can't be held responsible if your eyes stay that way.

(c) Copyright 2002 Dennis C. Anderson Contact at auroradude@acsalaska.net

Aurora 2003-05-21

Submitted by: girard.daniel@cegertec.qc.ca (Daniel Girard) at Tue Dec 9 15:10:01 2003 UTC

This is my first shooting session, at this time i felt in love with the northern lights! Took in St-Honoré de Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada

Reflex Fujica ST-801 with 24mm lens @ f 3,5 - 40 sec, fuji superia x-tra 400 ©Daniel Girard

comments? dagirard@sympatico.ca

PolarCelt Photography

Submitted by: Todd Miller at Fri Nov 12 07:16:01 2004 UTC

The intesity and brightness came and went throughout the night. This picture was taken as the lights were fading in brightness but not intesnity. (c) 2004 PolarCelt Photography

light pollution

Submitted by: katkenny at Sun Jan 11 14:01:01 2004 UTC

stephane levesque

June 7, 2005 Aurora - Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada, 2:06 AM

Submitted by: Travis Favretto at Fri Aug 26 10:17:01 2005 UTC

Canon EOS 300D, 30 seconds at f5.6, ISO1600. (c) Travis Favretto. favretto@shaw.ca

18 july 2003

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Fri Jul 18 17:28:01 2003 UTC

It is only the second time that I see this kind of northern lights ; this aurora presents itself as very brilliant patch, appearing and disappearing constantly in east direction or in west direction, not at the same time in both directions, when there is only a very weak glow of aurora in the north. It was verry special to see and photograph this phenomena :) photo details : 16mm @ f 2.8 , 20 sec , fuji superia 800 , 80km north of Quebec city © Dominic Cantin dominiccantin@yahoo.ca

Redoubt Ash/Steam cloud to 65,000 feet

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Thu Mar 26 18:56:01 2009 UTC

This morning of March 26,2009 saw another explosive eruption of 10,200 foot redoubt volcano sending ash and steam to over 65,000 feet. While the volcano is not visible due to clouds and ash obscuring the peak I have marked its approximate location with a red "RS" at the bottom left of the image. Copyright (c) Dennis C. Anderson Night Trax Photography contact at auroradude@acsalaska.net or visit: www.auroradude.com

Photo of October 2, 2002, Show

Submitted by: Lyndon Anderson at Sun Oct 6 03:23:01 2002 UTC

This image was taken at approximately 11:45 p.m. on Tuesday, October 2, 2002. It was a color photo, converted to black and white. I just thought it would be fun to show an aurora photograph in black and white - as we all strive so hard to take photos of the aurora just to show the colors. Lyndon Anderson, Bismarck, North Dakota, USA. Copyright. http://www.prairiejournal.com

Lyra & Cabin

Submitted by: Ragnar Johnskaas at Mon Nov 29 21:18:01 2004 UTC

Chasing the aurora, I find great pleasure in nightscape motives. The forground is lit up by carlights.

© Ragnar Johnskås

More photos: http://auroraborealis.vika.no/

E-mail :ragnar.johnskas@c2i.net

27 july 2004

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Mon Aug 2 06:01:01 2004 UTC

16mm , 20mm or 28mm @ f 2,8 , ~15 sec , fuji superia 800 or polaroid high definition 400 , 27 july 2004 UT © Dominic Cantin http://astrosurf.com/aurores

Another First: Detail

Submitted by: Dennis Anderson at Tue Mar 6 04:13:01 2007 UTC

This is a detail from the full-frame image seen above. The computer monitor just cannot show all of the image at full resolution. Copyright (c) Dennis C. Anderson Night Trax Photography Contact at: auroradude@acsalaska.net or visit www.auroradude.com

Question, Clouds

Submitted by: shansen at Sat Nov 9 06:46:01 2002 UTC

Grand Rapids Mi. I hope it is ok to do this. Would like to know what the vertical light in this picture is. exposed 15 sec. Fuji 400 E-TRA 1.8 canon lens Time 2:30 EST

Mercury after sunset on March 19th 2005

Submitted by: Mario Weigand at Tue Jun 21 14:28:01 2005 UTC

This image is a composit of 4 single images

Optic: 50 mm lense

Camera: Canon EOS 300D

Location: France / Alpes



Submitted by: katkenny at Fri May 27 03:01:01 2005 UTC

Another halo picture :)

Stephane Levesque Ste Luce Quebec,Canada


November 8, 2004 Aurora - Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada, 2:15 AM

Submitted by: Travis Favretto at Wed Nov 10 23:17:01 2004 UTC

Canon PowerShot A60, 15 seconds at f2.8, ISO400. (c) Travis Favretto. favretto@shaw.ca

Aurora - South Bend, WA 10/31/03

Submitted by: Jody Spurrell at Sat Nov 1 00:00:01 2003 UTC

Canon Powershot s50 - 10 to 13 sec. Exposure - F2.8 - ISO400 magestic.net/gallery/astronomy

Moon and Earthshine

Submitted by: tony travaglia at Fri Oct 15 21:33:01 2004 UTC

Just before moonset, a crescent moon with earthshine was visible, so out with the camera, full zoom and a 1.5 multiplier, Nikon 5400.

Aurora - October 30 2003 @ 06:40 UTC

Submitted by: Peter Sproule at Sat Nov 1 00:00:01 2003 UTC

This was taken around 06:35 UTC near Cannington ON, after the clouds had cleared. Canon F-1, 50 mm lens @ f/2, 15-20 second exposure on Kodak Max 800 print film.

Comments can be sent to: pbsproule@sympatico.ca © 2003 Peter Sproule @ www.sproulephoto.ca

Solar eclipse 6/10/02

Submitted by: william biscorner at Thu Jun 26 18:54:01 2003 UTC

I ran around the back roads hoping to see this eclipse. Too many clouds, and I never thought it would appear. I took about 6 shots June 10, 2002. Camera was a Pentax k1000 with a Sigma 70-210mm f/4-5.6 zoom lens, and Fuji 200 film. The exposure was at 210mm for 1/125 seconds.

CopyrightC 2002 William Biscorner. Contact: universed2@i-is.com or visit: www.creations-photos.com

Sun halos with one sundog

Submitted by: katkenny at Wed Oct 27 03:17:01 2004 UTC

Verry spectacular in visual, a must in my mind :) http://cf.f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/stefanelevesque

Stephane Levesque Luceville,Quebec.

mail: katkenny@globetrotter.net

Red Moon

Submitted by: Darryl at Thu Dec 18 04:21:01 2003 UTC

This 4second exposure was taken at 8:30 pm during the eclipse on November 8th, 2003. At the height of the eclipse the moon appeared to turn a red colour.


Submitted by: michel tournay at Mon Sep 18 07:53:01 2006 UTC

Taken on sept 18th, sometimes you don't really mind "light pollution" when doing astronomy!!! Enjoy!

©Michel Tournay

micheltournay@yahoo.ca or visit: www.aurora-borealis.ca

Lavender and Indigo

Submitted by: Carol Lakomiak at Wed Nov 13 05:34:01 2002 UTC

April 17th 2002, Olympus OM-1n, 28mm at 2.8, Kodak Max 800 ISO, 20seconds. © Carol Lakomiak. All rights reserved. strgzr52@hotmail.com

September 7 corona

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Wed Sep 11 03:04:01 2002 UTC

I took this picture on september 8 at ~ 2:00 UT. ( september 7 , 22:00 local time ) It was completly amazing to see this corona. The movement wasso soft changing the pattern of the corona. photo detail : 28mm @ f 2.8 , 25 sec , fuji superia 800.

© Dominic Cantin www.skyphoto.homestead.com

sunset in africa #2

Submitted by: michel tournay W d Mar 10 1010:17:02 2004 UTC at N/A

Another try at the green flash...trees at the horizon...better luck nex time! Enjoy!

©Michel Tournay

micheltournay@yahoo.ca or visit: www.aurora-borealis.ca

22 october 2003

Submitted by: Dominic Cantin at Sat Oct 25 08:45:31 2003 UTC

28mm @ f 2.8 , 15 seconds , fuji superia 800 , Valbélair at 15 km north-west of Québec city. © Dominic Cantin dominiccantin@yahoo.ca

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