Curtains of Red

Submitted by: David T Chapman at Mon Oct 10 10:59:01 2011 UTC

I am looking forward to the new solar cycle. The last one created northern lights like the ones in this photograph here. I was in the Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada area on October 30th looking southeast over Toronto when I took this photograph. I have only seen them that direction 3 times in my 10 years of photographing the Northern Lights. The northern lights were so intense this night, that I was able to photograph them using 100iso film speed on a 20 second exposure. I typically photograph northern lights on 400iso. I know has really helped me monitor the northern lights, kept me from staying up all night by being able to read their data. Thank you! My website is My twitter is @Northof44Pics you can be a fan on facebook:!/pages/David-T-Chapman/173134962767601


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Northern Lights over Toronto, Ontario

Submitted by: David T Chapman at Wed Oct 26 20:51:01 2011 UTC

On October 24, 2011 the northern lights erupted across most of North America. Over half the U.S. and all of Canada that had clear skies saw them. I have had a goal for over 10 years now to photograph the northern lights over top the city of Toronto, Ontario. Thankfully, this night delivered nicely. A lot of people don't know that they can be seen this far south. It is surprising because they can be seen as far south into Texas, Florida and California so why not Toronto. It is rare but not impossible as this night proved. My website is My twitter is @Northof44Pics you can be a fan on facebook:!/pages/David-T-Chapman/173134962767601

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