My truck

Submitted by: Brian larmay at Sat Nov 11 03:35:01 2006 UTC

My home away from home. This is not just my truck, but my space station!


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New Hampshire

Submitted by: Brian larmay at Mon Nov 13 13:49:01 2006 UTC

After a long all day, all night ride, I parked in the remote mountains of New hampshire and woke to this. Life can be good!


Submitted by: Brian larmay at Sun Nov 5 19:35:01 2006 UTC

Undated picture i took using TP 2415 with an H-a filter. Enjoy, Brian Larmay


Submitted by: Brian larmay at Sun Nov 5 18:37:01 2006 UTC

Sunset on the Ohio Turnpike 11/01/06

image of clouds 1388326

Submitted by: Brian larmay at Sun Nov 5 18:09:01 2006 UTC

This image was taken in Cranbury NJ

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