Aurora over Nebraska 09-10-2005

Submitted by: Randy Ward at Sun Sep 11 19:44:01 2005 UTC

This caught me by surprise at about 11:15 MDT pm 09/10/2005. Ususally if we are going to have visible auroras here, we see them ususally as colorless displays soon after sunset. This was the best show since the early November killer displays we had here. Taken with a D70 Nikon at f3.5 and 30 second exposure.


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Aurora 09/10/2005

Submitted by: Randy Ward at Sun Sep 11 20:54:01 2005 UTC

This gives a good idea of the intensity. The bright light is a mercury vapor at about 2000 feet from the camera. The aurora was quite prominent even with this exposure to the light.

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