Submitted by: Richard Haw at Mon May 30 22:03:01 2005 UTC

My first ever attempt at an aurora photo, taken last night 30th May 05 at 00.00gmt. The green glow just visible above the rooftops with a slight purple tint above.Turned out well despite streetlights and other light pollution. Taken with minolta Dimage Z2 with wideangle lense @ F2.8 iso 400 on 30sec exp.


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Mamalus Clouds

Submitted by: Richard Haw at Wed Jun 1 15:06:01 2005 UTC

These mamalus clouds looked like something from a Spielberg film.Taken 12th May 05 after a series of thunderstorms, some of which were reported to have produced funnel clouds. Taken with minolta Dimage Z2 set to auto.

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