Twilight at Stonehenge

Submitted by: Paul Glynn at Fri May 13 12:28:02 2005 UTC

Coloured cloud after sunset lends a dramatic backdrop to this 3000 year old monument on Salisbury Plain, England. Taken on 10th April 2005


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AuroraWaiting 15th September 2005

Submitted by: Paul Glynn at Thu Sep 15 15:20:01 2005 UTC

01:05 am. A view to the South under cloudy skies while waiting optimistically for Aurora to make an appearance. Moon approaching full. Lights are those of Andover town, 6 miles distant. Car interior illuminated by unscreened laptop. Canon 300D, 15 secs ISO 800

Rainbow over Gulfoss falls Iceland

Submitted by: Paul Glynn at Thu Aug 25 10:51:01 2005 UTC

A rain shower cleared and the sun came out, producing this beautiful double rainbow over the falls. Picture taken 9th August 2005 using a Canon 300D.

Red sky in the morning...

Submitted by: Paul Glynn at Fri Mar 11 16:42:01 2005 UTC

Dramatic red sky on 26th January above Andover, UK. An aircraft shines as a silver dot in the distant patch of clear sky. Shepherds beware!

Contrail Shadow

Submitted by: Paul Glynn at Wed Nov 17 14:11:01 2004 UTC

A contrail left by a aircraft flying at high altitude casts its long curving shadow on the clouds of an approaching front. Image taken at Andover, Hampshire, UK on 11/11/2004

Parhelic Circle 5th February

Submitted by: Paul Glynn at Fri Feb 20 18:30:01 2004 UTC

A cold day, with the sky full of cirrus cloud. A 120 degree parhelia is to the left of centre with the parhelic circle extending to the right, out of picture, to a sundog, the sun, and another sundog. About 130 degrees of the circle could be seen. Black marks are due to some dust on the lens of my Pentax K1000 camera. Andover, UK

Volcanic sunset

Submitted by: Paul Glynn at Wed Feb 4 22:50:01 2004 UTC

This picture was taken at Swindon, UK, through net curtains at my home in 1980 after the eruption of Mount St Helens in Washington State USA. The volcanic dust spread round the world and led to some spectacular sunsets. I was more interested in the composition than the sunset itself at the time, the dark lines are from the curtains but some of the rich sunset colours can still be seen.

Earth's Shadow

Submitted by: Paul Glynn at Wed Jan 14 10:31:01 2004 UTC

As the sun sets, earth's shadow creeps towards a nearly full moon at Dauntseys School on the edge of Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, UK. 7th Dec 2003 Pentax K1000 Kodak Gold 200 28mm Lens f5.6 1/30 sec.

Moon Halo 5th Jan 2004

Submitted by: Paul Glynn at Mon Jan 12 22:35:02 2004 UTC

Moon Halo from my back yard in Andover, UK Part of upper tangent Arc visible Pentax K100, 28mm Wide Angle Lens, Kodak Gold 200 f2.8 10 secs

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