Ethereal Southern California Sunset

Submitted by: Holly Barrington at Sat Mar 5 04:28:01 2005 UTC

Sunsets like this ought to last for an hour. Seconds count when one attempts to capture sunrises [which I rarely witness--zzzzzz....] and sunsets on film. I didn't even try to stop my car on the side of the freeway when it became obvious that this would be a sunset to remember. I just stuck my camera out the window and pointed it west! Fortunately, traffic was light. Sights like that make it almost worthwhile to live in Southern California, where we can only read about auroras. Photo by Holly Barrington from Monrovia, California


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Sunset over Los Angeles, the City of Smog

Submitted by: Holly Barrington at Thu Mar 3 02:04:01 2005 UTC

Even a city notorious for noxious air has gorgeous sunsets once and awhile! I shot this photo from the middle of a mountain road, risking my life for the chance the picture might possibly turn out. I used my former boyfriend's 35 mm camera (have no intention of phoning him to find out which brand), with correspondingly cheap film. Unlike the rest of you spaceweather photographers, I am lucky to be able to wrestle a camera from its case. The miracle isn't the sunset so much as it is my ability to snap its photo.

Holly Barrington Monrovia, California

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