Moon and Jupiter

Submitted by: belatrix at Sun Feb 27 20:38:01 2005 UTC

next :-) Kearn Jones


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Moon occultation of Jupiter

Submitted by: belatrix at Sun Feb 27 20:29:01 2005 UTC

A shot from last nights occultation of Jupiter by the Moon, 27th feb 05. These are two from the after shots - was hard to get focus in the windy conditions. Looked a LOT better visually in spare scope. Taken from Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Nikon CP 4500 / f7 10" dob K.Jones

Comet C/2001 Q4 (NEAT)

Submitted by: belatrix at Thu Apr 29 06:14:01 2004 UTC

10 minute guided exposure of Comet C/2001 NEAT and the LMC taken on the evening of 25 April 2004 from South Australia. credit: Stewart Leffanue / Kearn Jones 105mm f 2.5 fuji 800

more pics at

Southern Lights from near Adelaide, Australia 29/30 Oct 2003

Submitted by: Kearn Jones at Tue Nov 4 15:41:01 2003 UTC

A couple of us witnessed some very nice displays of Aurora Australis from near our home town of Adelaide in Australia, last wednesday night/thursday morning local time. Aurora are relatively rare for here - we were at about 34.5 south at the time with a large hill in the way of the good southerly views, there was no good going south as we would of followed the bad weather southeast anyway. I have only seen 5 displays over the recent solar max (and that was trying hard *mostly* and following the form!- this being the equal best i have seen ( my previous best display was the cannibalistic X-3 that ate the M-8 flare in april 2001) This one was better for pure duration, but it was remarkably similar to my previous best display in that the best waves came at 4 - 5 am and went into the dawn on a thursday morning! - but the big one in 2001 made the entire sky red at times (i didnt personally own a camera at that time!!). The weaker aurora i have seen bits of, are generally reddish glows with a few searchlights on the southern horizon. This latest one had the least red *visually* i have seen so far. For more pics from this night please go to Cheers and come back soon Kearn Jones

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