Comet NEAT (C2001 Q4) Animation - May 16, 2004

Submitted by: Gary Honis at Fri May 28 03:15:01 2004 UTC

For a one-hour animation of the comet see: Comet NEAT Q4 was imaged at Cherry Springs Dark Sky Park in Pennsylvania under clear skies. A Canon 10D Digital SLR camera was used to image the comet through an Orion ED80 refractor that was piggy-backed on a 10 inch Meade LX200. Image was taken with a Celestron f/6.3 reducer which provides an f/4.7 focal ratio with the Orion ED80. 32 eighty second exposures at ISO 1600 were stacked for the final image.

Copyright(c) Gary Honis. Contact:


Additional Images by this Photographer:

Mars Closest Approach Animation - Complete Rotation

Submitted by: Gary Honis at Thu Oct 8 16:28:01 2009 UTC

This animated GIF is a complete rotation of Mars using images taken in August and September 2003 during Mars' closest approach. Both a 20 inch Starmaster Dobsonian Telescope and a Meade 10 inch LX200 Telescope were used along with an Olympus C2020Z digital camera and Philips Vesta Pro and Toucam webcams. Images used were taken at Cherry Springs Dark Sky Park in Potter County, PA; the GHAAS Observatory Site in Eckley, PA and from my driveway in Conyngham, PA.

The Mars animation is also available as an AVI file and has been posted along with the animated GIF file at:

All images used were taken by Gary Honis.

Copyright(c)2003 Gary J. Honis - contact at or visit

Aurora from Cherry Springs Dark Sky Park in PA

Submitted by: Gary Honis at Mon Sep 29 22:41:01 2003 UTC

Image taken at the Black Forest Star Party on 9/8/02 at Cherry Springs Dark Sky Park. Olympus C2020Z digital camera with six second exposure at ISO 400. More images taken can be seen at at:

Contact Gary Honis at

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