Aurora, 10:00 UTC, January 22, 2004, McGregor, MN

Submitted by: Kim Randolph at Fri Jan 23 12:33:01 2004 UTC

Around 4 am there was wonderful color in the lights rather than our usual green arc.


Additional Images by this Photographer:

Minnesota Auroras

Submitted by: Kim Randolph at Wed Mar 10 10:48:02 2004 UTC

I could see some glowing aurora from the house so drove to an open area and BINGO! A bright curtain of white-green light stretched from the west to the east. It was as high above the horizon as 80 degrees or so. As I watched an arc develop from vertical lines that dropped in from above. Little color was available to my eyes but my camera picked up brilliant green and some red.

Auroras, 10:00UTC, Jan 22. 2004, McGregor, MN

Submitted by: Kim Randolph at Fri Jan 23 13:04:02 2004 UTC

As the morning sky started to brighten the lights were still dancing.

Aurora, McGregor, MN, January 22, 2004

Submitted by: kim randolph at Thu Jan 22 12:19:01 2004 UTC

I noticed a distinct glowing green arc at about 45 degrees above the horizon at 3:30 UTC 1/22/04. I watched from the house until about 11:30 for any changes but there was nothing but an ebb and flow of the green glow. The wind chill in northern Minnesota was -45F. I was afraid to prowl the countryside in the dangerous weather so I took pics from the front door. I am really hoping for a mild spring with lots of solar activity!! ;) Kim Randolph

Aurora, Dec 22

Submitted by: Kim Randolph at Wed Dec 24 21:28:01 2003 UTC

Finally, driving to work on Monday, Dec 22, it was still there. My husband still couldn't see a thing. The red color was not visible to my eyes.

Aurora Dec 20

Submitted by: Kim Randolph at Wed Dec 24 21:28:01 2003 UTC

Very near the horizon was a faint glowing arch. It could have been mistaken for city lights reflecting off low clouds, but the skies were clear and this is a rural/lakes area. More of my aurora photos are here:

Aurora Dec 20

Submitted by: Kim Randolph at Wed Dec 24 20:54:01 2003 UTC

Driving home in the early evening I watched a faint glowing arch in the northern sky and guessed that it was an aurora. My eyes could not see any color. My husband thought I was nuts - he couldn't see a thing. Once home I set up my camera on the patio to see what it could pick up. Yup! It was aurora so I set off again in the car to check it out.

Auroras on November 20, 2003

Submitted by: kim at Mon Dec 1 01:09:01 2003 UTC

I expected auroral activity after viewing the satillite maps but overslept until 4 am. Another look at the aurora forecast pages showed activity off the charts so I jumped in the car and drove to a clearing near my home. I was thrilled to see red in the auroras. I have not seen this in many years. Now, I am hooked on chasing and photographing these lights!!

This was shot on a Canon G3 digital camera at f2, ISO 400 for 15 seconds and I used a noise reduction action. More images can be viewed at

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