Sun Pillar New Years Eve 2003

Submitted by: Karen E. Solstad at Thu Jan 1 02:23:01 2004 UTC

Sun Pillar at Amesbury Mass Dec 31 2003- Happy New Year to all and many wonderful nights (and days) of ,magical skies! Karen


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aurora at 37,000 feet over Greenland/Atlantic Nov 2/3 2005

Submitted by: Karen E. Solstad at Wed Nov 9 18:23:01 2005 UTC

Aurora observed from Icelandair flight 630 Nov 2-3, Boston to Rejkyavik Iceland. Aurora stretched as far aft and forward as I could see-Bright white is wing tip light. Photo taken with a Minolta A1- exposure 8 sec at f2.8; auto exp +1 copyright (c) 2005 Karen E. Solstad

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