November 20th Aurora

Submitted by: Bill and Yvonne Walbek at Thu Dec 18 22:43:01 2003 UTC

This beautiful aurora was seen near midnight Universal time on the 20th/21st Nov., 2003 from Aliquippa, PA. (40.36N, 80.17W). This display was unusual in that it appeared in the Southwestern sky and slowly drifted South as it changed shape and varied in brightness. Taken with Minolta SRT-101, 28mm f3.5 lens and Kodak Gold 400 asa at 20 seconds of exposure. More info at:


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Sirius Light Pillar

Submitted by: Bill and Yvonne Walbek at Tue Jan 25 06:35:01 2005 UTC

This light pillar was photographed at 0630ut from Aliquippa, PA with an air temp of -17c. A 6 second exposure was used at 400 asa with an Olympus C-4000z. The bright star at upper left is Sirius in Canis Major.

Info @

Aurora Borealis

Submitted by: Bill and Yvonne Walbek at Thu Nov 11 04:58:01 2004 UTC

This beautiful curtain feature was photographed from Aliquippa, PA on 0406ut 10Nov 2004. An encore to the fantastic display of the previous night. Image taken with an f2.8 Olympus C4000z digital camera set at 400 ISO and 16 seconds of exposure time.

Bill Walbek:

Fire and Ice

Submitted by: Bill and Yvonne Walbek at Wed Jan 7 01:52:02 2004 UTC

This scanned image of Comet Hale-Bopp (C/1995 O1) was taken from Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., PA on the evening of 9/10 Apr 1997 near 0130 utc as it passed through Southern Perseus. A Nikkor f1.4, 58 mm lens at 25 seconds with Kodak 400 asa was used. Low level cloud behind the tree gives the impression of flame and the red smudge at the top left is NGC1499 a.k.a. The California Nebula, and not a processing defect as originally thought.

Halloween Aurora

Submitted by: Bill and Yvonne Walbek at Fri Dec 5 15:29:01 2003 UTC

These multicolored rays were seen on 31Oct 0015ut. from Aliquippa, PA. Taken with a Minolta SRT-101 with a 28mm f3.5 lens. Exposure time is 15 secs. on Kodak Gold ASA 400 film.

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