Southern Constallations and Auroral Glow

Submitted by: Photography by Geoff Cloake - Info at Tue Nov 11 08:37:01 2003 UTC

Southern Aurora 19 August 2003 - South Canterbury New Zealand

Montage of four stacked 28mm shots stopped down to f5.6 (to minimise lens vigneting) Fuji Provia 4000F exposed at 800ASA - Olympus OM4Ti on auto exposure &.Canon FS4000 scanner.

While waiting for the lights to "do something" I thought of the of the significance of the Southern Cross (Crux) and other constellations in relation to the 'southern glow' and our local landmark Mount Nimrod. When arranging the composite images I decided this demanded some featuring, hence the added lines and star flare. The lights of Cave township were exposed separately.

2003 Geoff Cloake Timaru New Zealand


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