Arc in Alaska

Submitted by: louis greene at Wed Apr 23 05:24:01 2003 UTC

This image was taken in March of this year. I have just started shooting the Aurora and had a lot of film piled up, but to the best of my recolection this shot was taken in anchorage from a local trailhead. Exposure was somewhere between 10-15 seconds on 100ASA film pushed 1 stop using a 28mm, F1.8 lens. Sadly tonight with activity on the rise it is cloudy here. Hope you all have clearer skies than I!

April Auroras, Rays

Submitted by: louis greene at Sat Apr 12 10:40:01 2003 UTC

This shot as taken at around 2AM Thursday morning. The Aurora was out quite a while as a long arc just streaming across the sky rather faintly. As I was experimenting with my locations it gradually intesified until it exploded into intense activity for quite a while. It was quite a show. The other photo from an earlier date was taken at Hatchers pass. The lights in the bottom right are emanating from rental cabins. This arc was quite intense, but never really broke out into the wild activity of the previous one. Both shots are in Alaska, taken with a digital camera 200 ASA exposure approx 12 seconds.

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