Iridesence Clouds

Submitted by: cherrio at Sat Sep 7 23:19:01 2002 UTC

Taken in N. Calif. In Oct 2001 On a cold Nov. Morning OM2 Fuji200asa@ f-16 autoexp.

Ray Rochelle


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Hale Bopp 97 April 12

Submitted by: cherrio at Fri Sep 20 03:21:01 2002 UTC

This was such a lovely comet. It was taken piggyback on an Orange Tube C-8 with a OM-2 and 135mm@f-4 for ten min. We were all too frugal with the film and time with this comet I'm afraid. Ray Rochelle

Auroral Glow Over N. Calif

Submitted by: cherrio at Wed Sep 11 16:50:01 2002 UTC

Sept8,02 Its not much of a photo But N. Calif contributes what it has. I could not make this out until after it was gone and the sky went dark. Picture taken approx. 9:30PDT Ray Rochelle

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