Dedicated Space Weather Services

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch offers comprehensive dedicated space weather data feeds to commercial entities around the world. Magazine companies, newspaper companies, educational institutions and others make regular use of our dedicated real-time space weather data feeds.

Our data feeds can be customized to fit the specific requirements of each company. For example, Astronomy Magazine uses our data feeds to implement an attractive and specific space weather web page for subscribers to their magazine. Using our live data feed, they are able to keep their readers aprised of the latest solar and space weather activity, including the latest auroral activity watches and warnings, issued and made available to their readers in real-time.

The content of our data feeds can vary significantly. One client may require real-time solar flare information. Another may require a combination of solar flare alerts and auroral activity watches and warnings, or the latest forecast notes and current solar wind information in a format that is understandable by all readers.

Our basic dedicated space weather data feed starts at $5 per day (on a one year term) and includes:

More elaborate (or alternate) data feeds can be created to fit each customers requirements. Contact us for more information, or write to us at:

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch
P.O. Box 357
Stirling, Alberta
T0K 2E0