About Us

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch is a privately owned space weather services company offering professional space weather services to commercial entities around the world. We were founded in 1989 and are among the most accurate space weather forecasting centers in the world (Oler, C., "Prediction Performance of Space Weather Forecast Centers following the Extreme Space Weather Events of October and November 2003", Space Weather, August 2004, published by the American Geophysical Union and is available on-line).

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch is the primary forecast center for the entire Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC) region. This region encompasses all of the power companies within the New England States and almost fully half of Canada, including New York, New England, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario (the regions of North America that are historically the most sensitive to space weather storms).

We are the authors of the worlds' official auroral activity watches and warnings and distribute watches and warnings to many thousands of individuals around the world, many of whom redistribute the watches and warnings even further.

We collaborate with most of the professional solar observatories around the world and provide the worlds' most elaborate real-time global solar flare patrol service. We have one of the most extensive libraries of daily full-coverage high-cadence (one frame every minute or two) hydrogen-alpha solar movies available, extending from early in the year 2000 to the present time.

We provide dedicated space weather data feeds to companies requiring accurate, real-time data dissemination. These feeds include the most recent forecasts (updated up to several times a day), auroral activity watches and warnings, solar wind information, and much more.

You are welcome to contact Solar Terrestrial Dispatch for more information by emailing us at: std@spacew.com, or postal mailing us at:

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch
P.O. Box 413
Stirling, Alberta
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